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Are you a morning person, or do you dread the sound of your alarm? I definitely have not always been a morning person, but developing habits to change the start of my day has benefited me in many ways! So, I thought I should share some of those habits with you!


Write Yourself a Daily To-Do List

When you wake up, try not going on your phone. Instead, keep a notebook on your nightstand, and write down what you need to accomplish for the day ahead. Seeing it all written out can not only help you see what you need to do, but also gives you an idea of the order you should do them in. If you even have to use your phone or an app to make this list, that is okay! For me, I just like writing it on paper so I have the satisfaction of crossing of list items as I go. 

Have Natural Light In Your Room 

Having natural light in your room allows your body to slowly wake up. Most people do not want to wake up if it is dark, but natural light brightens your room and allows for a more peaceful morning.

Make Sure To Eat Breakfast

It can be hard to make breakfast every morning, but once you start, it will turn into your favorite meal of the day. There are many simple breakfast recipes, and remember, Pinterest is your best friend if you need any ideas!

Listen To Happy Music In The Morning

When you wake up and listen to happy music while you start your morning, it can definitely be a mood booster. That music will be different for everybody so just make or find a playlist you vibe with!

Drink Water

Drink a glass of water when you first wake up. You can even put lemon, ginger, and honey in your glass to clear your digestive system and feel light and fresh. 

Make Your Bed

If you make your bed, you feel ready for your day. This small task does wonders, and even helps you not have the urge to get back into your bed during the day.

These are just a few habits I encourage everybody to start doing! Mornings are a great time to get homework done, have some alone time, work on chores, and more. Waking up somewhat early and having a consistent routine also makes your days last longer and you feel much more productive. If you have been wanting to start making habits to change your mornings -- let this be your sign! 


I am a freshman at the College of Charleston and absolutely love this city. I am an English EDEN major and plan to travel and teach after graduation!
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