The Five Best ABBA Songs To Cry To

Hi my name is Katie and I cry all the time. If you don't know me very well this would be a complete shock because I am pretty much a brick wall of human emotion until you peel back some layers. However, when I am alone I love a good cry. There is something about just letting it all out in a very ugly display of weird sniffles that just really hits the spot. Furthermore a good song just really adds that cherry on top of the experience. I have noticed that the work of ABBA really draws on some themes that bring out the water works. This is a list of some of my favorite and most cry worthy ABBA songs of all time. So if you're ever having a bad day or great day just whip out one a these bad boys and dramatically yell them in the comfort of your own home. Happy Crying! 

1. Thank You For The Music 

Okay, come on this song is awesome. If you have ever enjoyed music in your life this one will hit you hard. It not only talks about being grateful but also the joy music can bring to our wow I'm already crying. 

2. I Have A Dream 

Basically if you have a dream... this one is great. I highly recommend walking next to fabulous body of water in a poncho for this one but honestly your car works too. 

3. The Winner Takes It All

This is ABBA's most emo song and I love it. If you've ever been wronged by someone or you're just mad at yourself because you put your phone though the washing machine...this one is perfect. It is best to be cried with on a mountain top while wearing some sort of flowing outfit like Meryl Streep. 

4. When All Is Said And Done 

This is just the cutest song that has ever existed. It gives you all the feels about what really matter in life. This song will bring your happy tears to a whole other level. 

5. Dancing Queen 

This song is meant for blasting with your best friends and no one else. Dancing Queen is just the best song for when you and your friends are being weird. Also it always make for an awesome montage/dance number in the Mamma Mia movies. So if you're feeling grateful for the ladies in your life turn this one all the way up!

I hope you enjoyed my little list. Hopefully you get a chance to cry to these glorious gems over something amazing in your life and not just finals sleep deprivation (ether works though to be honest).