Quit the Negative Self Talk... Right Now.

I didn’t get the job? Must be something I said or did.

The guy of my dreams doesn’t love me back? I’m unlovable.

She has a killer bod but still posts about eating cheese fries all the time? Ugh, I’m ugly!

STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Would you say those things to a friend?

No, you wouldn’t. How can we empower other women, without empowering ourselves first?  We all can be way too hard on ourselves sometimes. Our minds go to the absolute worst places at times but it needs to stop. Nothing gets accomplished besides single handedly ruining our own self confidence.

Instead of tearing yourself down, try these steps to incorporate positive self talk into your everyday routine.   

Set Reminders

I must credit this to my friend, Cole. We all go through rough patches sometimes where our self confidence gets a bit shaky. This is a great way to consistently remind yourself throughout the day that you’re a good person and you are going places in life.

Tell yourself “I love you”

This is a technique I learned in counseling. Trust me, it feels SUPER weird at first saying “I love you, *insert name*” to yourself. But it shouldn’t! Start by saying it in your head or writing it down a couple times a day, and once you get enough courage, say it out loud! Telling yourself this enough times will get it ingrained in your head and help eliminate the negative self talk.

Create a Dream Board

Visualizing your hopes and dreams will help you achieve them. You can lay out what YOU want to accomplish, instead of comparing yourself to others and their success. Comparing yourself is the epitome for negative self talk.

Positive Phone Background

We’re always on our phones, why shouldn’t we have an inspirational quote as a background to build us up? This is such an easy fix in your life and you can find a positive background on Pinterest in literally .2 seconds.

For Every Negative, Say Three Positives

One step back but two steps forward is the key to start loving yourself. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative, make sure to tell yourself a few things you do love about yourself. This will cleanse your mind of the toxins that are polluting it into thinking you’re not good enough. Honey, you are so much more than your imperfections.


Photo Courtesy of Kara Dobulis