Jenna Cundy: Greek Week Chair 2019

Senior, Jenna Cundy from Macomb, MI gives us the ins and outs on Greek Week this year. She is majoring in Integrative Public Relations and minoring in Multimedia Design. Check out how she is helping to make the most of Greek Week 2019.

Q: What is your position for Greek Week?

A: I am a Greek Week Chair. In this position, I manage the Greek Week Team. When first starting out, I was the communications coordinator, but Molly (Fraternity and Sorority Life assistant director) appointed me the Chair once I started working on the week in the fall, which was exciting!

Q: What you’re doing to help make Greek Week this year a success and what does your position entail?

A: First, I wanted to get some advice from the past Greek Week chairs, so I met up with Galen Miller, the previous chair, and continuously talk to Kayla Garza to get continuous advice. Greek Week essentially can be whatever the committee wants it to be regarding structure. With this being said, we decided it was best to combine two of the days (Community Day and Day of Service) and now we are working with a local organization on Day of Community Service! I officially oversee the Greek week coordinating team. Everything from start to finish has to be planned and I manage the team to make sure everything goes as planned.

Q: What made you decide to run for this position?

A: I love my major and minor and being creative, but also I believe one of my greatest strength is being a leader and not just taking responsibility for the things that need to be done but including my team to work all together to accomplish our goals.

Q: How did you come up with the charities that we will be supporting/who are they?

A: The organizations apply or people can apply for organizations. This year, the Greek Week team decided to donate to our first organization, PUSH (Parents United to Stop Hazing), and then our team voted on our top six other organizations to present to the Greek Community, then the Greek Week representatives send back their top 3 choices that their own chapter favored. The top favored organization became our second organization to support. This year, it was Isabella County Restoration House. We think it’s important for the Greek Community to have a say for who we support.

Q: What is the best part of Greek week for you?

A: For me, it is all the planning and creating for philanthropies that truly deserve the donations that the Greek Community comes together to raise. Greek Week is the best time of the year for Greek Life and shows that we are a true community, not just separate chapters. It’s a win-win for chapters working with their new teams every year and giving back to well deserving non-profit organizations.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year:

A: My biggest hope/goal is to raise over $100,000! Last year Greek Life raised the most amount of money in the history or CMU Greek Week. I’d love to surpass that number for these organizations.

Q: Why should people in the CMU and Mt. Pleasant community become involved with Greek Week this year?

A: Greek Week gives a priceless opportunity to get involved to work together and support not only the community, but also organizations that can positively change the lives of so many. The organizations being supported make a direct impact on not only students but the community around us. By being involved with and donating to Greek Week, you are changing the lives of those who these organizations help. At the ICRH, you are providing shelter and basic needs for someone who doesn’t have access. With PUSH, they are providing counseling, resources, and education to student from middle school to college about the effects of abuse. These organizations need everyone who can be involved to do so, people’s lives are depending on it.

Q: How can non-Greeks become involved:

A: Each team has to orchestrate an awareness event for the organizations picked (PUSH & ICRH) for people who might not know about what these organizations do or what is happening or how they can get involved to make a change. These events are open to the public and the event information will be posted on the chapter’s social media and on the GW social media when the events start to be planned (February – March, various events/times/locations). Greek Week Mock Rock is also open to the public which is Thursday, April 4th in McGuirk Arena, tickets can be purchased from Greek Community members for $5 or through a link that will be soon posted on the GW social media accounts!