Finals Week Reminders to Keep you Motivated

Finals week is here for CMU and if we’re being honest, morale seems to be pretty low all around campus. However, WE ARE ALL LESS THAN A WEEK FROM FINISHING OUT THE SEMESTER. This week is hard, tears are shed, and stress overtakes the campus, but I have some exciting reminders to get you through the panic-filled week and into summer.

You are only days away from seeing your favorite pet.

You can finally start working more hours and making that bank.

You can sleep peacefully without worrying about that paper you haven’t written yet.

You can finally enjoy the sunshine without feeling bad for not studying.

Summer travel plans are approaching.


You’ll have time to see some old friends.

The beach days in the sun! (It’s okay to cry when you feel the sand on your toes after this treacherous Winter).

More family time!

A break from all-nighters in the lib.

The well-deserved break you will need from professors.

All the Netflix shows you’ll have time to catch up on.

The bonfires with some good friends.


If you’re like me, you’re probably reading this list saying “Yeah, right!” because you may be working three jobs this summer. Or you may be still taking summer classes or doing an internship.

However, doesn’t summer time just make everything better?