5 Tips on Why the Gym is Always a Good Idea

Ugh, the gym. The absolute last place anyone wants to go to after a long stressful day of classes. These five tips will for sure help you get to the gym. I know what you’re thinking...'give me one good reason as to why I should go to the gym'. Believe it or not, the gym can actually be fun! Not only is it fun, but the gym also improves your overall mood and health.


1. Go with a friend.

The gym is a great central meeting spot for you and your friends. This is perfect if you do not have many classes with your friends or live in different dorms. You can catch up with each other while walking on the treadmill. Friends ALWAYS make the gym so much more bearable. Listening to music alone is great, but who wouldn’t want to talk to your best friend while doing it? Also, the gym is a great way to meet new friends!


2. Check out some fitness classes.

Fitness classes are a great way to get yourself to go to the gym. Classes are usually at a set time, so this makes it easier to schedule into your day. Classes are also a nice change of scenery from the usual treadmill or elliptical. They are a great way to meet people. Who knows - maybe you'll meet one of your best friends at a fitness class.


3. Purchase some new workout gear.

The gym is the perfect excuse to buy new clothes. The gym is the perfect place to show-off your new Zella leggings or Nike Zooms. The perfect gym outfit is key to getting yourself to the gym. Ditch the t-shirt and shorts and trade them in for some cute new Lululemon leggings and tank top. You will for sure be more motivated to go if you have the perfect workout outfit!


4. You will feel better, I promise.

The gym always puts you in a better mood. Exercising releases endorphins which create a positive feeling. You could go to the gym in a horrible mood and come out a new person. Even if it’s just twenty minutes on the treadmill, you will feel so much better. The gym also takes your mind off of everything. All those papers you have to write, exams you have to study for, and readings you have to do is not thought about while you’re at the gym.


5. You will decrease your chances of getting sick.

It’s February, that means flu season. Let’s face it, no one wants to get sick, especially in college. Your parents aren’t here to take care of you, so if you get sick, it’s on you. Studies have shown that working out improves your immune system. A better immune system means it increases your chances of fighting of a virus or infection!

These five helpful tips are great ways to motivate yourself to get to the gym. The gym has so many benefits and I hope you take advantage of them. The gym shouldn’t be a place you dread going to or feel like you have to go to. The gym should be seen as a fun opportunity to get your worries off of your mind.


Photo courtesy of BodyWeight