Your Midterm Week Survival Guide

After gallons of coffee, days of panicking, studying your ass off, and sharpening your pencils it's that time of year that most college students dread. Midterms. It involves calls home to mom and dad, venting to your girlfriends, and gorging on ice cream which we all know makes everything better. If you’re looking for a survival guide ladies, here it is!

Pace yourself. You will not suddenly shove and remember all the material you need to know for your exam the night before so don’t try it. Make a schedule and stick to it. You’ll be much better off and a lot less stressed, you and your GPA can thank me later.

Schedule everything. Many of you like to pretend that you’re good at time management but the truth is, most people don’t even know how to begin to manage their time. Sit down at the beginning of every semester and plan out every exam, every project, their due dates, as well as any travel plans or extracurriculars you may have. It will act as a good reminder and will allow you to make ample time to study.


    Make Quizlet your best friend. Quizlet is an app as well as a website that allows for you to make flashcards, it also has flashcards that have been made by other students as well. These flashcards have learn, study, and review features as well as the ability to make a test based on the information from your flashcards. Quizlet also includes games which can make studying not seem to monotonous.

    Sleep. Sleeping is super important and allows for your body to heal. Drinking endless amounts of coffee will not keep you awake and focused on what you’re studying. Also, studying before bed can help you remember more information, it’s been scientifically proven.

    Chew gum. Peppermint can help keep you more awake and focused because it stimulates certain areas of the brain. Also, for those of you who get nervous or suffer from anxiety peppermint tea and gum are also known for helping to settle your stomach. Don’t stress, you’ll be okay, and if your anxiety gets really bad? Don’t be afraid to see some of the counselors on campus. They might be able to give you coping methods that will help ease your anxiety which could also improve your performance on exams!

    I hope you enjoyed my survival guide and that you’ve found these tips to be useful! Thanks for reading and remember, you got this!