What I Learned About Self Doubt


I can give the dictionary definition of self doubt, but I won’t. I think that self doubt can be defined in different ways for different people, which is why there isn’t a step by step format that explains how to deal with it. I’ve realized through my biggest struggles in life that my self doubt stems from constantly overthinking about the negatives and not realizing the positives of the situation that I am in. For example, when I drastically gained a lot of fat and started to become unhealthy, I dwelled on the idea that I was not beautiful and that was the end of my peak. I focused so much on the negative in that moment that I didn’t think about the fact that I can easily lose the unhealthy fat and shape my body in the way I want it to be by gaining muscle. Focusing on the negative made me forget that I was still a beautiful woman on the inside and I still had a bomb exterior. Focusing on the negative resulted in me doubting my ability to progress and make any achievements in my life. I started to slack in school and stopped enjoying life. As soon as I moved past that negative space I started to work on myself internally and my body. I saw my potential and worked hard to achieve my goal. I got my dream body and I repaired my mind. I realized that I can achieve anything that I want to by working hard and believing in my potential. There is no room for self doubt when I want to grow and achieve goals.