Tackling the Freshman 15

First and foremost, IT’S OKAY…Everyone goes through it and some of us are still dealing with it…In my case it was more like the freshman 50-60, but no one believes me until I show them an old picture of myself. If you don’t know what the freshman 15 is, it’s this common struggle that a lot of freshmen deal with sometime during or after their first semester in college. Due to a variety of reasons many freshmen gain weight, an average of 15lbs, during this phase. In my case I gained roughly 50lbs my first semester and it slowly increased after that. It took me some time to lose it all, but I did it! I’m hoping that by me sharing my story, I can inspire and help , if your dealing with the same thing. In reality it only took me 2 months to actually lose the weight physically, but it took me 2 years mentally to discipline myself enough to actually do the hard work needed to lose the weight. That’s really the first step is to mentally prepare yourself to be motivated, consistent , and DISCIPLINED! I tried so many diets and I would lose some weight but then I would gain it all right back because I didn’t have the discipline to say no to unhealthy food or to push myself to go workout on my lazy days. And believe me I had many lazy days. As soon as I got my mind in check, the pounds were dropping like crazy. What I did was eat as healthy as possible, worked out 3-4 times a week at Orangetheory Fitness(disclaimer it’s a little pricey but it works and I got a free membership because I work there) , and PORTION CONTROL. Before I knew, I was down to my goal weight and everyone noticed it. By far one of the proudest moments in my life. I do want you to keep in mind, that is what worked for me and it might not work for everyone. However, consistency and discipline will always work!