Lose That Freshmen 15

Living on your own isn’t easy as especially with all the freedom that comes with being a college freshman. Packing on the pounds is something everyone is guilty of when they leave for college but don’t fret! I’ve got some tips listed down below for you on how to keep yourself healthy.


My first tip would be to drink plenty of water. It’s hard sometimes to pay attention to how much water you’re consuming but it can actually help you feel more awake, energized, it can help clear up your skin, and it can also help keep you from bloating and gaining water weight. A lot of universities have preservatives and even laxatives in their food that they don’t tell you about which is a huge reason why you should be increasing your water intake. It's healthy to flush toxins out of your body.


My second tip would be to gather your roommates and friends and go workout once a week. Getting active with friends is a great way to travel if you’re interested in hiking, or learning a new sport. You’ll shed those pounds ASAP!


My next tip for you would be to watch your food intake. I’m not saying you have to starve yourself but simply making better choices can go a long way in keeping a balanced diet for yourself. Instead of picking up a cookie for a snack try grabbing an apple or try incorporating some low carb keto-friendly products into your diet.


Last but not least, keep a food journal. Make note of the things that you’re putting into your body at every meal. It can help you create good substitutes for yourself and it can also be really vital in making sure that you’re not taking in empty calories! It gives you the opportunity to analyze your strengths and weaknesses so you know where to be more careful with your food choices.


My final tip, if you’re really struggling, would be to visit a nutritionist on campus. If you’re a student here at UB we have a nutritionist here on campus and the best part is, it’s free! They can help you make diet plans and figure out what would work best for you meal wise based on your schedules and activity levels!