It’s Finals Week But Honey You Need A Break!

I know, I know, all you want to do is study all day everyday to ace your finals. I have FIVE exams this week, trust me I feel your pain but that doesn’t mean studying non-stop is the best strategy. Studying for long periods of time will not help you retain the information any better, quite honestly I can't remember much when I try to study that way. Along with your memory ability not improving, studying for that long can physically being draining. You’re probably sitting with terrible posture at this point and straining your eyes by looking at a computer screen or a piece of paper with many words. Or you can be laying down for entirely too long which is negatively affecting your vertebrae. Oh and let’s not forget that during this binge of studying, you forget to eat! Therefore, the smartest and most effective way to study is for short periods of time with many breaks. Give yourself time to eat, relax to a youtube video or music, and spend some time not thinking about school! Seriously it’s scientifically proven! A research study was done in  2011 by Alejandro Lleras, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois. This study showed that the variable group of students that were allowed breaks during a 50 minute session of studying performed better than the control group of students that studied non-stop through the duration of 50 minutes. So guys, remember to take breaks while your being studious and acing your finals!