How to De-Stress During Finals Week

It’s finals week, and things can get intense and stressful. With all of the tests and final papers to worry about, it’s hard to make time to just relax. These are some quick and easy ways to keep sane during finals week.

1.     Color

There’s a reason why adult coloring books have become so popular; it’s a great way to de-stress and have fun at the same time. Take 30 minutes between studying to get your frustrations out and you’ll feel ready to work after. Embrace your inner 7-year old, grab those colored pencils, and get to coloring!

2.     Go for a Walk

Step outside of the plain walls of the library and go out and get some sun! Getting fresh air and feeling the breeze will help you feel refreshed after sitting in front of a computer screen for hours.

3.     Listen to Music

Blasting your favorite songs will help you build your energy and give you ideas after you’ve reached a block.

4.     YouTube

This is one is my personal favorite. In between tasks, load up a short YouTube video of your choice: it could be a makeup tutorial, a hair tutorial, or a movie review. Just be careful not to get lost in all of the videos!

5.     Vent

One of the best things to do when you’re stressed or feeling overwhelmed is to talk about it. Call up a relative or go to a friend’s house and let out what’s on your mind. Getting your feelings out of your head and into the air will help you feel so much better. Plus, your friends and your family could help motivate you.

Go forth and excel! Good luck with your finals!