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The Truth About Breast Reduction Surgery

With the rise of implants, lip injections and nose jobs in main stream media, there is one surgery that still has an element of taboo- breast reduction. While many would question the reason behind going through with this increasingly popular, yet drastic procedure, it turns out that there is a lot more than just physical changes, but also mental and emotional externalities that need to be taken into consideration as well.

Ariel Winter recently came out with a response to a very public breast reduction in a recent interview with Glamour magazine, stating, “having only told a select few family and friends, the Modern Family star underwent breast reduction surgery to reduce the size of her chest from a 32F to a 34D. The result for Winter was noticeable right away.” Winter stated that the results were more dramatic and positive the results were post-surgery stating, “it’s amazing to finally feel right. This is how I was supposed to be.”            

Due to the coverage increase by health insurance providers and the increase in safety, the popularity of breast reduction surgery has risen 115% since 2000, and breast reduction surgery is more common on Bucknell’s campus than one might think. A junior commented on the benefits of making the decision. “I had the procedure done last year and have never looked back. If you are someone inconvenienced when it comes to pain, finding clothes that fit and generally being uncomfortable then definitely do your research, but know that there are options for you.”

The cost of breast reduction surgery varies, but many insurances cover the cost, and most patients find the recovery time to be fairly painless and easy. The surgery is a massive job, and takes about 3-4 hours in a general anesthesia job. A Bucknell senior commented on the concerns versus the results, stating “I woke up a little out of it, but only had to take pain medication for a few days. Within a couple of weeks, I was pretty much back to normal and within a month, I forgot completely-best decision of my life. I can finally sit straight, run normally and fit into my clothes properly. Some people questioned it, but my friends and family were very supportive. Do what you think is right- at the end of the day, it’s your body.”

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