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This One Time at Bucknell…

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I’ve been dating my boyfriend for awhile and have heard quite a bit about pinning and lavaliering. He is in the greek system, I’m not. What’s the deal? Do I want to be pinned? I feel like this is what my grandparents did.

I don’t know much about this myself, but don’t be afraid to have this conversation with your boyfriend!  You should feel comfortable talking about where you see this relationship going and what these traditions mean to him.



This one time at Bucknell my friends were talking about how the only way to go through college is by completing the frat challenge and hooking up with as many guys as possible. I have a boyfriend. Am I doing it all wrong?

Well, it seems like college is the only time in one’s life when that type of behavior isn’t just acceptable- it’s the norm.  That being said, the goal after college is usually to find a stable relationship with someone you really care about.  This becomes even harder when you’re not constantly running into boys at frat parties, so I’d say you’re just one step ahead!  You can still go out with your friends and have fun- you’re just lucky enough to have someone you can go home to every night.



So last year I started hanging out with this guy, and he’s kind of a jerk on the outside but a worthwhile guy when he lets his guard down. We got close and I developed a crush but was ok with just being friends. We talked a lot and people would always ask if we were together, but then this summer all of the sudden he just stopped talking to me. I’m abroad so we haven’t seen each other since May. What should I do? Do you think it’s on purpose? What should I say when I see him back on campus?

First of all, it does sound like this lack of communication is on purpose.  It also sounds like you’re way too good for him!  I know you’ve seen a side of him that many others haven’t, but do you really feel like explaining that every time someone asks you why you’re with a jerk?  Unless he offers an explanation the next time you see him on campus, you shouldn’t say anything.  Show him the cultured new you and he’ll see what he’s missing!



I tripped fell and rolled down 7th street… on the uneven sidewalk sober. Signs you cannot walk on solid ground.

I called ‘shotgun’ at the same time as my friend in Vedder circle so we raced for it, and coming around the car I completely bit it in broad daylight.  Walked around campus with a limp for a solid week.  Welcome to the club.



I tried to come back home after a night of partying and was pretty belligerent. I made it all the way to my dorm but could not possibly walk all the way up to the fourth floor. I made it to the second floor and stopped to rest. I sat down and obviously never got up again because I woke up sitting in the stairwell dazed and confused at dawn.

The RA on duty must have been snoozing as well, ‘because you’re lucky you made it out of there without any points.  Then again, you made it all the way to the second floor!  You go girl.



We met Rob the ID checker at the townie t and he showed us all the holograms on the IDs. He even made a guy from Maryland show us his ID to make sure he was ok to enter. Also we made Rob memorize our names and hometowns. ’twas a good ole time.

I don’t know what a fake ID is or what it’s used for or where to get one, but I’m glad you and Rob had a grand ole (legal) time!

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