Normalized Bucknell Phenomenons

During our four years at college, I think I can speak for almost everybody when I say we all find ourselves immersed in the “Bucknell Bubble” at some point. There are so many things that exist at Bucknell that don’t anywhere else, and just like most schools, Bucknell has a unique lingo that is utilized throughout campus. 


  1. Super: First and foremost, Super Saturday is one of Bucknell’s most popular phenomenons. We don’t darty-- we Super. Bucknellians never have an excuse not to throw down each and every Saturday, regardless of weather.  If you venture downtown on a Saturday afternoon, you’ll hear music blasting and see crowds of people filling frat house backyards. Here you’ll be likely to spot hundreds of guys dressed in Sports jerseys, and girls with their most put-together outfits. Sunglasses and tumbler super cups are another theme, and super wouldn’t be complete without frat shoes or Bean Boots, coated with layers of mud.


  1. Vedder: Another common Bucknell phrase that you might hear is “Vedder is better.” FYI: it’s definitely not better. Vedder serves as the physical embodiment of freshman year. Also known as Public Safety’s predominant stomping ground, Vedder is known for housing rowdy first year students. On Wednesday through Saturday nights, you can physically feel Vedder pulsing with loud music and scheming students. From constant fire alarms, a lingering smell of Dominos and general chaos, Vedder offers students a freshman year experience to remember, that’s for sure. 


  1. The Grove: On a more sentimental note, the Grove is a piece of campus that has been the same since our University was founded. It’s one of the features of Bucknell that resonated with me most after I first toured campus. Basically, the grove is a large forested area of campus. The trees that exist here have been growing in their same spots since the beginning of Bucknell’s existence. If a tree gets knocked down, falls, or needs to be removed for any reason, a new tree will be planted in the old tree’s exact spot. This is really important because as much as the university has changed, modernized, and expanded, this area of campus will always remain the same. Alumni of all classes will have the same memory of the Grove in their minds, and each time they return to campus, this area will look exactly the same.


  1. Cafsgiving: In Bostwick Marketplace, Bucknell’s main dining hall, Bucknell Dining Service prepares an entire Thanksgiving feast for all of the students and staff. This is arguably one of the best holidays of the year. Lines form in front of the ELC about an hour before the Caf even opens. Students load up their plates with freshly carved turkey, gravy, stuffing and pumpkin pie, and gather around large tables with their friends. It’s a wonderful time of the year. 


  1.  Flyson: Flyson, short for The Flying Bison, is a food truck that serves all sorts of drunk-grub. The food truck conveniently parks right on the edge of campus, luring students to indulge in their fried goodness after a wild night out. Some of their famous entrees include Nacho Tots (tater tots smothered with cheese, bacon and green onions) and Walking Tacos (basically all of the ingredients of a taco in a Doritos bag). Some of the most interesting interactions happen here, and you can find some real creatures here between the hours of 12-3 a.m. 


  1. The Mods: Crudely put, the Mods are basically a large neighborhood of trailer parks. They were apparently utilized originally as temporary housing for Sophomore students, but have gained increasing popularity, despite seeming to be light-years away from campus. 


  1. Campus Theater: While not on campus, the Campus Theater is a really cool gem. Even though we go to school in the middle of nowhere, the Campus Theater is a treat. As Professor Delsandro reminds her classes each semester, when will you ever live close enough to take a 5 minute walk to a beautiful art deco theater, where your ticket and candy will be less than 10 dollars? Pretty sweet, right?


  1. The Wednesday Night: Most schools typically go out on Thursday- Saturday nights, but Bucknell likes to do things a little differently I guess. On Wednesday nights, St. Catherine’s street is always buzzing with excitement, and Thursday morning classes are generally tough for a large majority of the Bucknell community.