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Meet (and say goodbye to): Campus Correspondents Elizabeth Bacharach and Margaret Hilton

Elizabeth BacharachHometown: Originally Tenafly, NJ...now Boca Raton, FLClass: 2015Major: English (Literary Studies) and Spanish

1. What is your favorite part about being Campus Correspondents (CC’s) for HC Bucknell? And what inspired you to join Her Campus Bucknell/take a leadership position in the group?

Oh, this is a tough one.  I’d be hard pressed to find something I did not love about being Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Bucknell.  But in an effort to answer in some sort of uncharacteristically concise manner, let’s run with this: I love being CC for HC Bucknell because it provides a much needed outlet for every type of Bucknell woman and does so in a relatable (admittedly bordering the fine line of colloquial), authentic, and esteemed fashion.  HC Bucknell would not be such a success without what is my other equally favorite part: our genuine team of multi-faceted and multi-talented writers.  I consider myself lucky to have been the leader of such an authentic group of women who inspire me creatively, socially, and academically daily.  So there you have it; my favorite parts of HC Bucknell are it’s being as a trustworthy and entertaining online magazine for all Bucknell women and the fabulous group of ladies behind the bylines.  

Recently, I was asked what I want to do when I grow up.  Flattered that I was still considered young enough to consider “growing up,” I answered in a seemingly sophomoric response: I just want to write.  This was exactly my mentality four years ago when I pursued the Campus Correspondents of the newly established Bucknell chapter of Her Campus (we are only four years old!) and immediately started writing.  As the then CC’s were graduating, I seized the opportunity to apply for their position, thinking as a first year, I would not get the spot.  Shockingly (and it still is), I did and as I rose as a sophomore, I also rose from writer to CC with Sarah Dubow ’13 as my co-president.  This story really isn’t as interesting as that of Margaret but if it shows one thing to readers, let that be the lesson to boldly pursue what you’re interested in on this campus, get involved, and, in doing so, you’ll be happily surprised with the opportunities awarded to you. 

2. What has being a part of HC Bucknell taught you? 

If I had to answer in one word (three times), it would be communicate, communicate, communicate.  In this generation, on this campus, it doesn’t matter if you’re reaching out via text message, email, phone call, FaceTime, G Chat or a smoke signal.  The important part is being open and communicative within your organization and its leaders, your group project, or even your personal friendships.  I know Margaret would (and does, see below) say the same thing.  At HC Bucknell, Sarah and I developed and then Margaret and I have cemented a system that has a strong foundation in open communication.  We honor flexibility amongst our team as long as we understand why, what’s going on, etc.  We don’t demand to know every little thing about their personal situations, don’t worry readers.  But we want our team to learn, as we have had from being CC’s, that communication and open understanding between people is the only way for a successful relationship and, in our case, online publication.  

3. Any plans for after graduation?

I am taking my inner Joan Didion to Journalism School.

4. Do you have any advice for the next generation of Bucknell collegiettes?

Although this might sound like a color-coordinated and decoratively designed from Pinterest, always, always be yourself, even in an environment that can feel overwhelmingly homogenous, and not necessarily the common culture you’re used to, as once Bucknell proved to be for me.  And in doing so, do not be afraid to be outgoing.  Saying hi while walking to class or ambitiously sitting down with a group of a majority unknown peers on the first floor of the Library goes a very long way at a small school like Bucknell.  

5. What have some of your favorite experiences been over the years as a Bucknell student?  

Last week, a prospective family asked me on a tour if I was this person—outgoing and lively (if they only knew I had four cups of coffee in me…)—when I first came to Bucknell in 2011.  It was then that I realized, as I’ve been grappling with discerning my “favorite experiences” as nostalgia hit after Spring Break, that pinpointing a list of good times (known as gtz by the cool kids these days) in the Burg is less important to me than considering my four years as whole.  In answering the family’s question I laughed and said “absolutely not.”  Instead of picking and choosing favorite experiences, I’ve realized that all of these said experiences have made me into the person I needed to eventually become and am today.  One of my favorite quotes is that of Joan Didion (shocking) who wrote, “I have already lost touch with a couple of people I used to be.”  Each experience—no matter it’s caliber or gravity—here at Bucknell has led to be lose little—and unnecessary—bits of that negative and immature “Lizzy” from Tenafly and mature into the “Liz/Elizabeth” (I’m also clearly grappling with my name currently) who has achieved the comfort and confidence of her being to enter—dun, dun, dun—the real world.

(And for those of you who know me, please refrain from laughter while reading this answer as it lacks my characteristic pessimism, sarcasm, and overall avoidance of positive self connotations.  But it’s the truth, so deal with it.)  

6. As you’re leaving (sorry) in a few weeks, can you let us in a on a little secret? 

Isn’t the first rule of Fight Club that you do not talk about Fight Club…?

Quick Q’s:

Favorite article you have written for HC? There was a time I thought I was really good at writing about nail polish (freshman year was a toughie). I learned quickly that pop culture-esc, "The Breakfast Club" references and, quite simply, sex are more my things. 

Describe HC Bucknell in three words: Sarah would want me to say: Bison in bows.  I’m more about…community, creativity, empowerment.

The one thing that got you through four years at Bucknell: My friends.  We’ve been together since week one of freshman year. 

“I can’t live without my…”: Denim jacket; I’ve had mine since I was 13.  Holla at me Gap. 

Favorite Downtown Lewisburg location: Hands down, Cherry Alley. 

Favorite place on campus: Do I even have to answer this one? East Reading Room. 

Margaret HiltonHometown: Philadelphia, PAClass: 2015Major: Psychology and Economics

1. What is your favorite part about being Campus Correspondents for HC Bucknell? And what inspired you to join Her Campus Bucknell/take a leadership position in the group?

I love being Campus Correspondent of a media outlet whose end goal is to connect Bucknell women across campus and publish meaningful content, whether it be about campus issues or fashion trends (or even campus cuties!). It has been a joy leading a team that consists of fun, creative, and supportive women; I am fortunate to have had the chance to work with such an awesome group over the years. Since a lot of our communication happens via email and Google Docs, I have always especially enjoyed our Monday meetings, which allow us to physically come together as a team, catch up, and bounce new ideas off one another. It's also a great feeling when you hear fellow Bucknellians talking about recently published articles and receive positive feedback!

I first joined HC at the end of my freshman year after being approached in 7th Street Café about it. I believe I was discussing Rent the Runway, or some other fashion-related website, when a girl came up and told us we could get involved with Her Campus, a site that published lots of articles, some of them fashion related. After looking up the website, I was hooked and immediately emailed her expressing interest. My sophomore year was my first full year as a staff writer and I came to admire and love all things HC-related. That being said, when the application to fill a graduating CC’s position opened up, I seized the opportunity. The rest is history!

2. What has being a part of HC Bucknell taught you?

HC Bucknell has taught me that communication is key in all you do; whether it be a team of writers, a group project, or even in your personal relationships, it is so necessary to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Liz and I are legitimately always in constant communication via texting, FB chat, G chat, email, snail mail (not the last one, but you get the idea) so that both of us are continually keeping the other in the loop. Having open communication channels is key in fostering a comfortable and inclusive team environment in which no one feels nervous to approach with any question or concern, whether it is HC-related or personal. With writing, HC has also emphasized how procrastination can be deadly since a few rounds of edits on any kind of piece can make a huge difference!

3. What have some of your favorite experiences been over the years as a Bucknell student?

This is one of the harder questions to answer, yet exemplifies why I keep a “One Line A Day” Journal. Every day and night here gives me a new memory I want to hold onto and cherish long after I graduate. Where do I even begin!? I have had such a fabulous Bucknell experience since the day I moved into Vedder 4NW freshman year. From navigating the downtown scene with fellow freshman girls, to three-hour long dinners in the caf,  from sophomore year when I got to experience living in the most fun trailer park that ever existed (also known as the mods) with seven of my best friends to a junior spring semester abroad in Rome to now, where I post up on 7th Street, I have gotten the chance to form the most meaningful friendships and meet some truly amazing people.  

4. Do you have any advice for the next generation of Bucknell collegiettes?

Always be polite and surround yourself with people that make you laugh and love you for who you are.

5. Any plans for after graduation?

As of now, I have no concrete plans but I will most likely move to Manhattan after graduation and work in a beauty, fashion, publishing, or PR-related industry for a few years.  Further down the road, there is a possibility that graduate school may enter the plan. I have very much enjoyed my psychology courses here at Bucknell and find human behavior and thought fascinating. One day I would love to get involved with clinical work, particularly cognitive behavioral therapy.  The fact that humans can “re-train” their brains to think in positive patterns is amazing, and I would love to one day help people overcome or manage their depression so that they can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

6. As you’re leaving (sorry) in a few weeks, can you let us in a on a little secret?  

TBH, if you ever walk by my house in broad daylight and hear rap and/or EDM remixes blasting from my living room…that’s me…doing these Insanity workout DVD’s I recently became addicted to this year. They’re such a good workout but also super embarrassing to do (think lots of high-knees and squats and weird moves that require you to jump around like a frog) so I do them in the comfort of my living room. Does this stop my friends from coming in to watch me and take mortifying SnapChat videos for the world to see? Absolutely not, but by the time the DVD is over everyone has had a good laugh (and I, a good workout.)  I am also addicted to stationary, fresh flowers, Chapstick, and coffee table books.

Quick Q’s:

Favorite article you have written for HC? A Lesson From Sex and the City: It Isn’t About Men

Describe HC Bucknell in three words: Welcoming, fun, and motivating

The one thing that got you through four years at Bucknell: So cheesy, but so true...my friends.

“I can’t live without my…”: Stuffed penguin, Waddle. I’ve slept with him every night since I was maybe 7 years old.

Favorite Downtown Lewisburg location:

I have three, and they all have to do with food.

Breakfast: Cherry Alley (Breakfast Burrito or Tofu Scramble)

Dinner: Elizabeth’s (Amazing salad with Salmon and a glass of Pinot Noir)

Anytime at all: Sweet Frog (Original tart with Nutella sauce and fresh strawberries)

Favorite place on campus: I am hands-down most productive in the morning. I’ll often bang out large chunks of work and watch the sunrise at my favorite table in the library, which is the one of the two on the second floor, way back behind the cubbies, overlooking Academic West. 


What's up Collegiettes! I am so excited to be one half of the Campus Correspondent team for Bucknell's chapter of Her Campus along with the lovely Julia Shapiro.  I am currently a senior at Bucknell studying Creative Writing and Sociology.   
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