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Making The Best Out Of Your Long Winter Break

With the chilly winds soaring through the air and the last few leaves reaching the ground, the end of the fall semester at Bucknell has finally come upon us. The time has come for us all to travel back home and get ready for what may be the longest winter break we’ve ever seen. But what is there to do with all that time? Between now and February, there’s plenty of time to do whatever you could think of. There’s so much to try, but if you don’t know where to start, here’s a couple of options to consider:


Try Something New:

    Now although there was plenty over the long duration of quarantine to pick up a new hobby, there’s still plenty of time to do so over the break. You could learn to play an instrument, learn how to bake something new, or even learn a random new skill, such as juggling. There’s always something new to try, so take some time to do so.


Enhance Your Resume:

    Though it’s only two months, there are still opportunities to build upon your resume. There are often many seasonal job offerings and/or internships that you could possibly find. And if you’re worried about staying safe and healthy due to COVID-19, there are plenty of  businesses and companies that are offering virtual internships where you can work from the comfort of your own home.


Visit the Old and the New:

    For many students, going home is a time to reconnect not just with family, but with friends as well. If the chance occurs, take some time to reconnect with old friends and maybe the new ones too. This event could lead to a short car ride or a longer road trip, but keeping connected with others helps to tighten bonds.


Study, Study, Study:

    If you’re feeling rather studious over the long break, there are plenty of ways to keep up on the academic work. Bucknell is offering multiple courses for credit over the break. If there’s a course, major, or minor you’re interested in, you could always try taking an online class or registering for a program that teaches in the specific subject. It could be a quite enlightening opportunity.


Cozy up with a Book or Series:

    Two months is a lot longer than one thinks. That time could fly by if you tried to read a book or series of books. There are plenty of classic books that are worth the read. If reading isn’t quite your style, you could try watching a movie you’ve always wanted to see or start a new series on one of the many streaming services where you can find movies and tv shows. 

Olivia is a Computer Science major at Bucknell. Aside from her love of the sciences, she has a strong appreciation for the arts, literature, and writing.
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