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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

It’s less than a month until summer and I’ve been seeing a lot on social media that many young women are planning on having a ‘Hot Girl Summer.’ To me, before we become the ‘Hot Girl,’ a glow up is needed, where we put more effort into ourselves as women, being healthy and beautiful both physically and mentally, all while having a fun time this summer safely and with our girlfriends! 


1. Ditch toxic attachments/relationships

You simply can’t be the carefree hot girl if you’re constantly obsessing over those college boys whose brains aren’t even fully developed. Cut off any boys holding you back in your personal, mental, emotional, physical, and if it applies, spiritual, growth. Believe me, that one guy who hasn’t texted you back or is talking to other girls isn’t going to help with that. So, ditch him. No boy (unless he’s one of the super rare good ones) will contribute to our happiness. We make our own happiness. Same goes for women who are into women. At the end of the day, we personally make our own happiness, and we must find that within ourselves instead of in another person, regardless of how they make us feel. Also, we’re young!!! Let’s not tie ourselves down so early in life. Let’s live a little. This also includes those toxic friendships as well.


2. Take care of your mental self

Whether it’s journaling, drawing, painting, going to therapy, etc. get out all of your thoughts, feelings, and problems. It’s not good for us to keep everything bottled up. As women, we are emotional beings, and we can connect better with ourselves and the world if we let ourselves be vulnerable sometimes. You can still be the most powerful person in the room even if you cry sometimes. Try anything where you can get it out of your system.


3. Take care of your physical self

Exercising regularly, eating healthy, taking your meds and vitamins/supplements, and getting outside to breathe in the fresh air will do wonders for your physical health. Try to create a solid plan that you can incorporate into your daily routine and if you need, set an alarm on your phone or  ask someone else to remind you to do so every day.


4. Do no harm but take no shit

Never start any kind of drama, but if you’re being dragged into it, put a stop to it. Be firm in who you are and do not let anyone try to cross you. At the same time, remain poised and true to yourself. Don’t talk sh*t about anyone, especially other women. Mind your business on matters that don’t concern you or your loved ones, but be ready to classily defend yourself and your friends if need be. 


5. Remember that you’re a hot girl. 

No one can make you feel inferior or less than. Don’t slip up and think down on yourself. Main character energy always. If you don’t wanna do any of these things, you’re still a hot girl and are gonna have a hot girl summer. 

Gracie is currently a senior at Bucknell University expecting to graduate this upcoming spring. On campus she is a part of a wide variety of clubs and organizations.
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