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Health Benefits and Tips on Becoming a Morning Person!

Rise n’ shine Her Campus-ers! Tired of being tired? Have an early class that you just can’t get yourself up for? Already slacking on your ~New Year’s resolution~ to become more of a morning person?

If this sounds like you- have no fear! Her Campus is here with some do’s and don’ts when trying to become a morning person, and also some motivational health benefits that might inspire you to wake up earlier this year!


Snooze!! Although it is so tempting to continuously snooze your alarm clock in the morning, the next thing you know its 7:53am, you have class in AC West at 8 am, and you’ve snoozed all 15 of your alarms. Once your body get into the habit of snoozing the alarm, there’s really no telling what time you’re going to finally wake up. Instead, try to only set two alarms- one 45 minutes before you need to wake up, and one 15 minutes before you need to wake up with an awesome wake-up song to get you out of bed!



Splash water on your face when you first get up. Not only will this keep you from falling back asleep, but you will quickly feel much more awake!



Go to class without eating or drinking. If you aren’t hungry before class, bring some coffee or tea with you, because the caffeine will keep you from falling asleep. At the very least, bring a huge class of water with you to class, and drink when you start getting tired. This will keep you occupied and alert if you start dozing off.



Give yourself enough time in the morning. Treat your morning before class as a time to relax and slowly get ready for the day. If you make this time therapeutic, you will subconsciously be more willing to get up earlier to enjoy your morning!


Health Benefits of Waking up Early:

If the do’s and don’ts aren’t doing the trick for you, below are some health benefits of waking up early that may inspire you!

  1. Waking up early actually improves your quality of sleep! Giving your body a steady internal clock will help you feel more rested when you wake up, and have a better night’s sleep.

  2. Waking up early has been said to correlate to better grades! University of Texas recently did a study which “found that students who consistently woke up early each day actually scored better test scores and overall grade points, in comparison to those who slept in all the time.”


  1. Waking up early helps your diet. When you sleep in, you tend you miss breakfast and go right to lunch. But, because you are technically “fasting” while you sleep, if you don’t break that fast in the morning, you are more likely to go into “starvation mode” at lunch and overeat/ eat unhealthy options.



Lily is a first- year student at Bucknell University, from Baltimore, MD. She is the youngest of three children, with two older brothers who live in New York and Boston. She has two dogs, Cooper and Nellie, and if you meet her in person she has probably already shown you the thousands of pictures she has of them on her phone. Lily loves to sing and play guitar, is passionate about fashion and beauty, and is so excited to be a HerCampus writer for Bucknell!
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