Hacks to Stay Warm When Going to the Gym in the Winter

With Thanksgiving coming up, we all want to go to the gym on campus as much as possible before gaining all the weight back. However, the weather now is getting too cold for us that we feel less motivated to get fit. Here are some different ways to go about feeling as toasty as possible so the walk to the gym doesn’t feel like a walk to the North Pole…


For those who like to work out in shorts:

Wear shorts under your comfy sweatpants! That way once you get to the gym, all you have to do is take your sweatpants off before working out.


For those who don’t want to change a thing:

Rock your yoga pants or training pants when it gets really cold! That way you won’t have to change while you won’t feel heavier while moving your legs.


Or if you’re not a BIG yoga pants person:

Embodiment tights are the way to go. And you can be fashionable with them too.


Whether you don’t or do like feel very bundled up:

Look chic while feeling warm by wearing a parka with a hood. This will keep you pleasantly warm, and if you want to wear more such as a scarf or earmuffs, you’ll still look cute.


If you want to look cute and keep your feet nice and warm:


Yes, winter sneakers are a thing, and now we want them.


Or… if you’re all about the classic way:


Layers, layers, layers.