Campus Cutie: Billy Harris

Name: Billy Harris

Class Year: Junior

Hometown: Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania (right outside Philadelphia)

Major: History, economics


Favorite movie: Princess Bride

Favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother

Favorite song: Rock the Casbah

Favorite book: The Lightning Thief

Favorite store: Wine and Spirits or Beer Barn

Favorite food place in Lewisburg: Bags! (All Star Bagels)

Favorite spot on campus: St. Catherine Street

Campus activities: Fiji, mens squash

Friends on campus: accepting invitations

Life motto: Screw it, I will try anything once

Fun fact: Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.

Favorite Netflix show: Peaky Blinders


Relationship status: Not married

What do you look for in a girl: intelligence, substance, pretty face

Female turnoff: boring, pretentious

Celebrity crush: Blake Lively mmm


Proudest accomplishment: making it to 20 years old

3 words to describe yourself: loyal, hyper, gregarious