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Campus Crush: Ainslie Eck

Girl Crush: Ainslie Eck

Hometown: Braintree MA

Year: 2019

Major: Environmental Studies


Are you planning on studying abroad? Where?

Yes! New Zealand.


What is one thing you wish you could tell your first-year self?

Don’t try to do homework anywhere else except Academic West. You will struggle focusing for 2 years until you figure that out.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

No clue! But hopefully somewhere doing something that makes me happy.


What are you involved with on campus?

I am the president of Spoon University, the director of social events for Delta Gamma, I also participate in the environmental club, dining committee, and volunteer at the Lewisburg soup kitchen. Spoon University is a food publication group and basically what we do is write articles about food/food trends/restaurants/recipes and plan fun events on campus. For example, we’ve had a fall caramel apple event, a bring our own bowl cereal event, brought food trucks during HPW, and had pizza tastings in the cafeteria. Volunteering at the soup kitchen is always such a great experience. My MGMT101 group worked with the First Presbyterian Church in Lewisburg at their weekly “Dinner by the River” events where community members would come and enjoy fresh cooked meals. We help serve the food and walk around and engage with the guests. I continue to go back because I love talking with all of the Lewisburg residents and maintaining that bond:)


What do you like to do for fun on campus?

I love to go to comedy and acapella shows, eat commons salads and flyson, and hang out on the suite couch with my DG sisters.



Your favorite…

Song: White Tiger

Movie: Up

Spot on campus: ACWS big study room

Place you’ve ever been: Grand Cayman Islands

Food: Ravioli/Donuts/Peanut butter/Hummus (sorry I can’t just choose one)

3 fun facts about you: I ran a half marathon this summer, I get hangry when I need food, and I love Nickleback.

Go to Amami order: Breakfast wrap with avocado and ham and a chocolate chip cookie. Obviously.

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