Alternative Options for this Summer

Not sure you’re going to land an internship or job this summer, but still want to have a meaningful break from school? Despite what you might hear, there are plenty of ways to spend your summer, and an internship is just one. Here are some other options that are guaranteed to be just as worthwhile:


1. Job Shadow:

Chances are, you can connect with someone who has a job that interests you. Whether it’s a friend’s parent, or a friend of a friend, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone and ask if you can grab coffee with them, or job shadow them for a day or two. This is a low commitment request, and most people would be happy to help you out. Besides, it’s a no-pressure experience for you, that could ultimately lead to further networking and career opportunities.


2. Travel:

As a young adult, you only have so many opportunities to devote a chunk of your time to travel. Especially if you are unable to study abroad during the school semester, this is the perfect chance! And even if you are able to study abroad during the fall or spring, who says you have to cap off how much you travel? Take this summer to widen your perspectives even further and embrace a new culture.


3. Learn a New Skill:

The possibilities to learn this summer are endless. Think of all the things you find yourself wishing you could do while you’re overwhelmed with homework and cramming for exams. This summer, you have time to devote to these interests. Always wanted to learn how to play the piano? Take lessons. Desperate to master your winged eyeliner? Watch some videos online. And if you’re still thinking along the job savvy mindset, learn a resume builder like Excel, computer programming, or a language.


4. Research:

Talk to a professor or a local professional who’s involved in an area you’re interested in. You may find that they’re looking for some extra hands with a research project, an experience that could definitely be put on your resume and would give you real-world experience in a field that you’re passionate about.


5. Volunteer:

Giving back is always a productive way to spend your time. Whether it’s helping out at a local garden, volunteering with senior citizens, or working at a soup kitchen, time spent in service is time well spent.


Lastly, no matter what you end up doing, ENJOY IT! After all, you only have four summers as a college kid!