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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bucknell chapter.

Fitness is about more than achieving an “ideal body.” According to the CDC, participating in regular exercise can reduce the risk of depression and anxiety, assist with better sleep, reduce health risks like cardiovascular disease, and increase your chances of living longer.

Looking to create new gym habits? Trying to maintain what habits you already have? The group fitness classes at the Kenneth Langone Athletic & Recreation (KLARC) are a great way to work out in a structured way that are welcoming for all skill levels. 

Barre Burn (45 minutes)

I am the instructor of Barre Burn, and my goal as an instructor of the class is to provide a welcoming and non-judgmental environment to get your body moving. Trying a new type of exercise can be intimidating, but many of my new barre students at Bucknell had never taken a barre class before trying Barre Burn! The structure of the class includes a warm-up, arm work, leg work, glute work, ab work, and a cool-down. Barre is a muscle endurance workout, which means that students will be training their ability to maintain or repeatedly exert muscular force over time. Students will use 2 to 4 pound weights to make the exercises more challenging while also remaining a low-impact workout. 

Bison Ride (45 minutes)

Bison Ride is an upbeat spin class open for all levels of experience. Spinning is great low-impact cardio that strengthens not only your legs, but your core as well. 


The high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes consist of circuit training that raises your heart rate and provides excellent cardiovascular conditioning. According to Healthline, HIIT can be very effective at burning calories, helping with weight loss, and gaining muscle. 

Warrior Ride (45 minutes) and Warrior Workout (45 minutes)

Run by Jason, Warrior Ride is another spin class made to make you sweat! The Warrior Workout class combines challenges of muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance to build muscle and tone your body. 


Yoga focuses on flexibility, strength, and balance while providing both a mental and physical challenge. With many health benefits and a relaxing environment, yoga might just be the workout you’re looking for. 

Signing up for fitness classes at the KLARC is easier than you think! Simply go to klarc.bucknell.edu, click on the group fitness icon, and sign up. The classes are free, so it’s definitely worth trying out a new workout.

Allison is a proud plant mama with a love for healthy eats and her dog, Rex!