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4 Apps That Are a Must This Semester

As a college student, I often find myself looking for ways to make my life more organized, stress-free and healthy. Believe it or not, one of the best ways I have been able to achieve this is through phone apps. Below I have included the top four apps that have helped me to stay on track as a busy and often stressed out college student. 


1. Mindshift

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Mindshift is an app that is useful when tracking your emotions and life’s daily events. Each day when you go onto the app it asks you to log a check-in where you select how you are feeling for the day and it even gives you a space to write and explain your feelings for each check-in. Additionally, the app provides resources for when you are feeling anxious, whether you are experiencing general worry, social anxiety, perfectionism, panic or phobias. The app provides articles on each type of anxiety, as well as breathing exercises and different activities you can engage in to calm your anxieties. Lastly, the app also allows you to set goals and deadlines for yourself and it frequently checks in to make sure you are on the right track to achieve those goals. 


2. Plant Nanny

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I don’t know about you, but I always feel better when I am adequately hydrated. However, I often find it hard to drink enough water each day. I just recently downloaded an app called Plant Nanny, and it has been a game changer. When you first sign into the app, it asks for your age, height, weight and activity level and then it gives you a recommended amount of water you should be drinking each day in order to stay hydrated.  You are then given an adorable virtual plant that you are in charge of taking care of. Each time you drink your recommended amount of water, your plant grows. However, if you do not drink enough water, you will kill your plant! Who wants to see an adorable plant die? Not me! That is why this app is so helpful in keeping me hydrated and it is also so much fun to take care of an adorable plant!


3. Fabulous

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Fabulous may be one of my all time favorite apps. When you first get the app, it asks you what your goals are for yourself. You can choose goals anywhere from getting a better sleep to losing weight to having a more positive mindset. Once you select your goals, the app provides you with a daily morning and evening routines that include meditating, drinking water, stretching, engaging in positive-self talk and starting your day off with a healthy breakfast. This app uses behavioral economics to help you to find where you are stuck in life and it provides you with steps to take in order to become unstuck. From the start, this app provides you with positive rituals to help you to unlock the best version of yourself. 


4. Moment

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The Moment app is one that all college students should download if you are trying to decrease or limit your phone usage. When you first log into this app, it asks you what your goals are for using the app. After the initial sign in, each time you keep the app open on your phone it tracks the number of times you pick up and start using your phone. It also tracks the percentage of your waking hours you spend on your phone. It also allows you to connect with family members and friends to encourage each other to spend more time off of your phone and with each other. Additionally, the app has a coach who can walk you through a four day phone detox as well as a better sleep routine. 

Hopefully you guys will find these apps as useful as I have and hopefully they will help you to achieve your inner health QUEEN status! 


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Karly Bullock

Bucknell '23

Karly is a first year writer for HerCampus Bucknell. She is excited to be apart of an all female run team that supports other females on campus.
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