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Workout Tips to Follow When You’re Just Not Feeling It

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at BU chapter.

Remaining active has been a constant for a majority of my lifetime. Whether it was dancing, running, rowing, or biking, I’ve always been in love with working out. Not only for “keeping in shape” matters, but also for setting and achieving goals. All in all, I simply like to prove to myself that I can be stronger each time I hit the gym.


Typically, I find myself working 6-7 times a week, and sometimes I go twice a day.  Like the rest of us, I’m also human, so some days the motivation to go can be extremely low. On those days, I know I have to follow my set of tips and tricks to keep myself on track. I do this because I think about the aftermath, and the outcome of feeling incredibly accomplished is like no other! So, without further ado, here is a list of workout habits I like to follow on the days where I struggle to find any motivation:


1. Keep an updated playlist.


Whether it’s Spotify, iTunes, or Pandora, make sure that you’re constantly changing the music you listen to every one to two weeks. I know that it may seem like some songs never get old, but trust me, they will. And honestly, you really don’t want to get sick of your favorite song, especially when you’re trying to keep the motivation high and your heart rate up. If you maintain a fresh playlist on your phone, you will always have a new song to look forward to.


2. Always buy new workout gear.


I know you’ve definitely heard this one before, but it never fails me! If I know that I have a cute sports bra and new pair of shorts waiting for me in my closet, I’ll have more of an urge to put on my athletic wear, head out of the door and off to the real world – or in this case, the gym.


3. Make sure you keep energy boosting snacks by your side.


Personally, I tend to get hungry right after an intense spin class or long run, so I like to keep my gym bag stocked with LARABARs, fruit, and/or trail mix. If I don’t have my snacks, I know I’ll end up feeling extremely tired and groggy as the day goes on, so I always know to keep my blood sugar at a consistent level.


4. Set goals for yourself before, but most importantly, during your workout.


While I work out, I like to make sure that I’m constantly challenging myself, but never to an extensive point. So I know that if I even achieve at least a half of a goal, I still managed to achieve something. Knowing that I will meet some sort of goal by the end of the day always pushes me to hit the gym more often than not!


5. Have a workout buddy some days, and practice going solo on others.


Switching up your weekly gym routine can help keep you motivated. I find that if I just follow the same routine over and over, I won’t feel motivated to go. So, if you’re going to work out with a buddy, try to plan ahead together and see if you two can manage a few circuits.  Then, once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to set personal goals for yourself during your solo sessions that can later apply to your group workouts.


Ultimately, we’ve all had those days where the gym just isn’t a place we want to be because we’re “too tired to go.” In reality, it’s good to give yourself a day off or two. However, choosing not to go on a consistent basis due to excuses will only help decrease your motivation level as time goes on. So, just be sure to switch things up and surprise yourself with new ambitions and aspirations to aim for at the gym. You could even let your friends in on it so they can see if you’re meeting the goals you initially wanted to.


As a whole, convincing yourself to actually go to the gym is by far the hardest part, so make sure to follow these tips the next time you find yourself stuck between one more hour of sleep or one hour of cardio.

Writers of the Boston University chapter of Her Campus.