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I chose Boston University because, for me, Boston felt like home. It was a good school located in the city I loved most, it offered me a culture different from the one I’d been living in for the past nine years, and everyone I knew spoke highly of BU students. Now after being here for a full semester, I can fully state why I would still choose BU, a million times over, without having to cite academic statistics or high reputations of our population.

I already spoke about a different culture, but what I wasn’t expecting was how different it would be, and how that difference would enrich my life. Here at BU, for the first time, I felt like I was really surrounded by people with so many different interests that complimented all of mine. From day one (or really, before day one), through FYSOP I got to meet kids who were all freshmen, of different majors, and complete strangers, yet at the end of the week we had all gotten close, brought together by our investment in community service and wonderful group leaders.

This is my FYSOP group outside an art museum we had just visited after spending the day at Discovering Justice.

In my roommate, I found my best friend. This was the biggest stroke of luck because we didn’t know each other before the fall, but we do everything together now. Our floor (shoutout, Claflin 7) is pretty much made up of people who have all become friends, so it’s never boring or quiet. Even when my roommate isn’t around, I never feel lonely in my dorm.

This is a cute pic of my roommate Caroline (on the left) and I as we were watching the Head of the Charles Regatta.

There are so many clubs on campus too! But, it was hard to just select a few to join. In the interest of not overloading my schedule, I like to think I picked the best ones. Her Campus has been such a great community and outlet for me. The other club I’m a part of, Global Medical Brigades, also enriches my life by letting me enrich the lives of others. You will never be lacking for an organization to join, and the people within them make your life so full.

I chose BU because Boston was home, but now I realize I would choose it because not only is the city home, the school itself is. It is a challenging, rigorous school, and it will force you to work harder than you have before, but the environment isn’t one of bloodthirsty competition: it’s one full of ambitious students that are striving towards their own goals. It’s one of a series of collectives working together to boost each other up so that everyone can achieve. This school will kick your butt, but it will make you better, and you will find your family away from family along the way.

Just to cap it off, a pic of me and my friend Paige watching the Pats win, because Boston teams are the best at everything. BU has been an amazing choice for me and I can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store for me! 


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Maya is currently a junior in Sargent College at Boston University, studying Human Physiology.
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