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Why You Should Listen to Emma Chamberlain’s Podcast

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Emma Chamberlain is the first person that comes to my mind when I think of the word “influencer.” However, it’s not with the negative connotation that “influencer” sometimes holds. In my eyes, she is one of the most influential and relatable people on the internet. Her platform spans across YouTube, Instagram, and various other social media sites; her podcast, Anything Goes, is my favorite outlet, in particular. With new episodes released weekly — and topics ranging from relationships to professional life to food to fashion — there is always something to gain from listening to this podcast.

My favorite segment of this podcast is what Emma calls “Advice Sessions” — episodes solely dedicated to answering questions and concerns about life sent in by listeners. These episodes are nothing short of therapeutic because the advice she gives is so well worded and deep that you can’t help but connect it to your own life. There have been fourteen of these episodes so far in her podcast, and in every single one, I’ve found at least one question that I can relate to.

Part of the beauty of these episodes is that they make me realize how much more in common we all have than it seems. Listeners from all over the world express the same thoughts, concerns, and questions that I have on an everyday basis. Taking these questions and tying them back to your world with really good, therapeutic advice is a benefit to anyone who wants to tune in.

The way Emma responds to these submissions is really what stands out to me about Anything Goes. Something about her responses is so philosophical and meaningful. Not because they are necessarily poetic language, but because they are so relatable and true. She says things that remind me how much of a normal young adult she is, and it just feels like getting advice from a friend. Her way of putting the human experience into videos on Youtube merges with her way of putting it into plain words on her podcast, making the experience of listening a very special one.

I’m not usually one for podcasts, but this one always hits home with me. It’s relaxing and therapeutic, but it can also be humorous and fun. I know whenever I listen to an episode I have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on something, or simply reflect on certain aspects of my own life. I never thought simply listening to a podcast had the power to do that.

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Originally from Marshfield, Massachusetts, Caroline is a freshman in the College of Communication. For fun she enjoys trying out new coffee shops with friends, reading, going to spin class, and walking on the beach with her golden retriever Winnie.