Which Disney Princess Would Be Your Classmate?

I recently saw an article about what each Disney princess would major in, and it got me thinking: which BU school or college would each Disney princess belong to? Read ahead to find out which princess would be sitting next to you in your 8 am lectures.  

  1. 1. College of Arts and Sciences - Belle

    Belle loves to learn, and she would quickly find her place in the College of Arts and Sciences. She would take full advantage of being a part of the largest college, taking fun elective classes in as many topics as possible.

  2. 2. College of Communications - Anna

    One of the chattiest princesses, Anna of Arendelle would fit right in to COM classes, and she would love getting to write about, talk to, and interview so many interesting people around campus.

  3. 3. College of Engineering - Elsa

    Elsa’s creative mind combined with her perseverance and determination would help her get through even the toughest engineering courses. After all, she constructed her own magical castle out of ice within the chorus of one song. 

  4. 4. College of Fine Arts - Rapunzel

    After years of practice locked in her tower, Rapunzel would enroll in CFA as a painting major, quickly impressing her professors with her technique and artistry.

  5. 5. College of General Studies - Merida

    Merida is always up for an adventure, so CGS’s broad curriculum would be perfect for her.  She would spend her gap semester traveling the world alone before immersing herself in campus come January. 

  6. 6. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences - Ariel

    Getting used to walking on two legs was hard for Ariel, so now she is determined to use her experience to rehabilitate others like her, and Sargent College would help her do so.

  7. 7. Pardee School of Global Studies - Jasmine

    After seeing the world from Aladdin's magic carpet, Jasmine is ready to learn more about the politics of the world. Classes in diplomacy and international relations at the Pardee School of Global Studies (my home college!) would help this future Sultan be ready to rule the land.

  8. 8. Questrom School of Business - Moana

    As the leader of Motunui, Moana has a lot of responsibility. With a Questrom education, she could learn economics and bargaining skills to help bring trade and prosperity to her village.

  9. 9. School of Hospitality Administration - Tiana

    With years of experience in hospitality, Tiana would decide that a degree from SHA would be the perfect addition to her resume to help her make her restaurant the best in New Orleans.

  10. 10. Wheelock College of Education and Human Development - Snow White

    Snow White’s kind heart, combined with her prior experience taking care of the seven sloppy dwarves, would lead her to a successful career in education at Wheelock.

With magical powers and everlasting kindness and leadership, each Disney princess is unique and special, just like the colleges of Boston University, and each princess would fit right in to the many communities of BU.

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