The Weird Things You Miss About College Over Break

I was so excited to go home over winter break. It meant I got to see all of my friends and family and sleep in my own bed. But once I actually got home, I started to miss the little things about being in school that I didn’t even realize I was going to miss. Here are the few of the pleasantly unexpected parts of college that I missed when I was home over winter break. 

1. The dining hall.

My friends and I spend so much time sitting and talking in the dining hall, and even though I never thought I was going to miss it, I was so excited to come back and be able to reunite over Saturday morning pancakes. However, the food is still as bad as it was before break, and I definitely did not miss that aspect.

2. Routine.

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I missed having the daily routine that I became so familiar with during the fall semester. At first, it was nice to get a break from school, but then I surprisingly started to miss my day-to-day activities and the people that I saw on a regular basis. It really made me appreciate the structure college has provided for me.

3. Not having people around all the time.

I didn’t realize until I got home how much time I spend with people throughout the day when I’m at school. Being home was weird because I wasn’t constantly surrounded by people and it made me realize how accustomed I now am to constantly being around people, noise, and the everyday chaos of college.

4. Convenience.

Living so close to everyone and everything that I need is so convenient and I didn’t realize that until I got home. At home, I had to drive to go to the store or meet up with people, and here in Boston, everything I need is within a short walking distance.

5. Freedom.

In school, I have the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want, without having to tell anyone what I am up to. It is nice to be able to do your own thing and not be concerned about what anyone else has to say about it. At home, I share my car with two other people, so I was also reliant on them and was restricted in what and when I was able to do things. 

Even though I was extremely excited to go home, by the end of my break, I missed a lot of things about school that I never even thought I would!


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