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Tips For Getting Over An Ex

Whether you recently broke up with your boyfriend or stopped talking to the guy you like, it can be hard to move on from them, even though you know you’re not good for one another.  Everybody has their own way of coping with a breakup, but here are a few tricks that can help ease you back into the single life.

1. Relax.

Breaking up is hard and you’re not expected to get back to feeling like your normal self for a while.  Take a few days, eat some ice cream, and watch Netflix in bed. This time to yourself will help you release your feelings while also coping with the end of your relationship.  However, you shouldn’t let yourself stay in this period for too long because it’s not healthy to sulk in your own misery.

2. Have a girls’ night.

The best way to get over a boy is to hang with your girls.  No amount of romantic comedies or pints of ice cream will help you get over a boy quite like your girlfriends.  Whether you decide to put on your cutest outfit and hit the bars or stay in and play games, girlfriends have the magical powers of making you feel better after getting your heart broken.

3. Love yourself.

It’s important to recognize the power of self-love during a breakup. It’s easy to feel like you’re never going to date or love anyone ever again, which is completely false.  Tell yourself you’re beautiful and do special things for yourself like splurging on that expensive mascara if it makes you feel beautiful.

4. Take care of your body.

Have you ever felt sick or just generally crappy, but after showering you felt 10 times better?  Taking care of your body during a breakup instead of staying in your pajamas for three straight days is a great tool to help the process.  Exfoliators, moisturizers, face masks, oils, or even hair masks are perfect starters to get over a breakup.

5. Don’t get caught up in your ex’s BS.

You guys broke up for a reason.  If you dumped him there was a reason behind it and you shouldn’t second guess yourself.  Even if he broke up with you or if it was mutual, realize your worth. We all want someone who doesn’t want us back, but we need to understand that they broke up with us and that’s their loss.  You were probably a great girlfriend and did everything right, but your time as a couple needed to come to an end so you can get back out into the game and truly find the person you’re supposed to be with.

Relationships are hard and the breakup is even harder.  It’s okay to feel sad for yourself and want to crawl into your own shell, but you need to realize you are worth so much more than some punky guy who didn’t recognize how awesome you are.  Being single is not the end of the world and this gives you the opportunity to date yourself. Take yourself to dinner or buy yourself a nice dress, even if you don’t have anywhere to wear it.  You might surprise yourself and be a better boyfriend to you than your ex ever was.


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I am a senior studying broadcast journalism at Boston University
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