Things To Remind Yourself This Finals Week

Finals are probably (definitely) the worst part of college. Non-stop cramming for hours on end, finalizing final papers and projects, being stuck indoors while it’s a beautiful day out, and trying to figure out how to learn a semester’s worth of material while also trying to get your stuff moved out of your room in time for your flight home. Now that we’re right in the thick of it, it’s important to remind yourself of these important things whether you’ve just finished your last exam, been done since last week, or still have all four left to go.

1. Your grades don’t define you.

I’m not going to lie and say that grades aren’t important. Contextually, they are. However, it’s also important to remember that once you graduate all your grades are are a series of letters on a sheet of paper. What matters equally as much, if not more, are the experiences and knowledge you gain during your years at school that can be applied to other aspects of your life. In 10 years, you won’t remember that you didn’t do so well in your calculus class, but you will remember that time you fell over from laughter at dinner with your friends.

2. Take care of yourself.

Make sure you eat somewhat healthy, wash your face, sleep more than one hour a night, and take a break every once in a while. Neglecting yourself and your physical and mental health during finals will just make taking those tests that much harder.

3. Treat yourself.

Go get that ice cream, put on that face mask, buy that bag of chips, or grab your third Starbucks of the day. You should indulge and reward yourself for getting through all of your materials.

4. You can do this!

You’ve taken finals before, and you’re (probably, unless you’re a senior not going to grad school) going to take them again. And if there’s anything you can learn from the last time you took finals, is that they pass and are rarely worth all the stress you put yourself through. Don’t worry too much, you’ve been studying your butt off and now’s your chance to show your professor how much you’ve learned this semester.

5. Once this is all over, it’ll be SUMMER!

Freedom is just around the corner.

Summer is like that bright light at the end of the tunnel and we are so close to reaching it. In a few days, you’ll be sitting in the sun relaxing, spending time with your friends from home, and eating home-cooked meals.


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