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The Six Best Walks in Boston

Because of COVID-19, many of the classic Boston things to do on the weekends — like visit museums, eat food, and go shopping — are closed or limited. Instead, while the weather is still nice, I’ve been taking more and more walks around the city.

Walking is a great way to explore while also staying active, and it can easily be done solo or with family and friends. Over the past year and two months in Boston, here are what have become my six favorite walks for when I’m feeling restless.

  1. 1. The Freedom Trail

    The Freedom Trail is very touristy (nearly every guide to the city mentions it as the top site to visit), but it is classic Boston; everyone should do it once. The winding path of red brick takes visitors from the Boston Commons along a trail of colonial history through downtown Boston, ending up along the Charles River. I wrote about my experience walking it last semester here! I’ve walked the trail three times since, and I’ve discovered new sites, monuments, and fun facts every time!

  2. 2. The Rose Kennedy Parkway

    My mom and I walked the Rose Kennedy Parkway last weekend, and it was a lovely stroll from the entrance of Chinatown, up past the New England Aquarium, and ending in the North End (perfect to burn some pre-pasta calories). The path is just a skinny trail of greenery between the two sides of ROAD, with unique art exhibits along the way, but it’s a fun way to explore multiple neighborhoods of the city (and curiously Google the high rise apartment rent prices along the walk as well). In non-Covid times, there are also food trucks in case you get hungry on the walk!

  3. 3. The Charles River Esplanade

    The Esplanade is a favorite of BU students for good reason. The stroll along the water is gorgeous, and walking here is an easy way to get the perfect sunset/sunrise pictures of the river while having a (socially-distanced) picnic with friends.

  4. 4. Beacon Hill

    While this doesn’t have the green space of the previous three walks, a stroll through the Beacon Hill neighborhood — checking out the gorgeous townhouses and their seasonal decorations — is always worth it. As an added bonus, the naturally hilly landscape provides a great incline workout!

  5. 5. The Back Bay Fens

    The Fens is located only a few steps away from Fenway Park and East Campus. The circling paths of greenery were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape artist who created New York’s Central Park, the Vanderbilt’s Biltmore, and the 1893 Chicago World Fair. It also has benches and gardens to explore and take rests along!

  6. 6. Commonwealth Avenue

    This one is probably not that exciting to anyone but a BU student, but Commonwealth Avenue is a wonderful walk in and of itself. Beyond the campus, from the gorgeous homes in Back Bay to the delicious restaurants in Allston, a stroll along Comm Ave is always an adventure.

If you need a reason to get outside of your dorm, take a socially distanced stroll and explore the green spaces and urban landscapes of this gorgeous city!

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