Reflecting on My Transfer Experience, One Year Later

I can hardly believe the year I have had. In just 365 days, my world completely changed- for the better. My decision to transfer was not an easy one, but it is one that I can honestly say wouldn’t have happened had I not been through hardship during my freshman year of college.

Coming into my sophomore year, I was more anxious than I had ever been. This definitely made it more difficult than I had expected. That being said, the fall semester was an uphill battle. I didn’t know anyone at BU and was totally unsure about what I was doing, where I was headed, or what my year would look like.

The fall semester unfolded a lot easier than it started. I met my amazing roommates, and we developed an unbreakable bond. On top of that, I met so many amazing new people and joined HerCampus, which served to be a perfect place for me to write and have my thoughts be heard.

Classes at BU were difficult, as expected, but all the more rewarding in the end. Things started falling into place the more I focused on myself and my schoolwork. I explored BU’s College of Communication and decided to major in public relations. After feeling totally lost, basically like a freshman all over again, finding this area of study eased my mind and helped me focus on my future.

Photo credit: Boston University College of Communication

There were always going to be bumps in the road since college is a journey unlike anything else for a student. Looking back on the progress I’ve made thus far, I can say that this experience has been rewarding and motivating.

I have made so many memories, and I am eternally grateful for the hardships I’ve faced in order to be where I am today.


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