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Quarantine Glow Up Season 2: Easy Workout Routine

Finals are approaching, which means that summer is just around the corner! Throughout these self-quarantine days, a lot of us have been struggling with boredom. Get those endorphins going, because it’s time to work those abs, legs, and arms! The following workout routines are easy and quick to complete at home. No weights needed!


Chloe Ting’s two-week ab workout has been the first step of my workout routine! It’s a 10-minute workout with moderate intensity, which is relatively friendly to the beginners. After sticking to this video for a month, you will witness your progress: firm abs!

Pamela’s video is more intense so that your abs will love you and hate you at the same time. But remember that sweat is fat crying! Make sure that you hold down your chin a little bit and relax your neck while doing it.

Arms, Shoulders, and Back

Coffee’s training is a good choice to get in shape. I often do these sets of exercises back to back so that I can feel my center burn. Nowadays, we’ve spent way too much time hunching or slouching while studying or working, so we find our body muscle intensity insufficient. This set of exercises can effectively enhance the muscle strength of your arms and back.

Full Body

This is a 30-minute nonstop workout that works your full body to get fantastic results. If you have extra time, which I believe you do, keep yourself pumped, be consistent, and persevere through this exercise. Remember to stay hydrated after working up a sweat!

Cardio Dancing

Any K-pop fans out there? It’s your time to shine! Sunny modifies and adapts all the movements from Zumba and adds a K-pop touch to them, which makes the exercise more fun!


Last but not least, stretching your whole body both before and after working out is crucial. It helps improve your flexibility for the upcoming workout and also cools yourself down and soothes your muscles afterward, keeping you from getting cramps.

A little progress each day adds up to big results. Set a timer and start the workout now, I’m sure you will be stronger than your strongest excuse!


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Zhilan is a current sophomore at Boston University. Being an extroverted introvert, she loves to cook healthy food, explore aesthetic coffee shops, and read mysteries.
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