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My Favorite Products to Use Before Bed

When it comes to this time of the year, it’s easy to get off of a healthy sleep schedule. For me, I find that it is important in the more stressful months to maintain some sort of routine or specific rituals to make bedtime a time to wind down — which is hard to do when you’re stressed and can’t stop thinking about the things that you have to do. Here are some of my favorite products that help me relax before bed!


1. ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from Birchbox

Photo from Birchbox

Ever since I was little, my mom has always sprayed a lavender pillow spray on the sheets in our house and it makes all the difference. There are a ton on the market, but one of my favorites is from ThisWorks. Their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a cult favorite and it’s sure to help relax you as soon as your head hits the pillow. 


2. Lip Mask from Clinique 

Photo from Sephora

I never go a night without applying a lip mask and this one from the Clinique Pep Start line is great for sensitive skin and it’s moisturizing until the morning!


3. Calm Chamomile Tea from Tazo

Photo from Target

I always end the day with a cup of tea. This one from Tazo is my favorite. This chamomile tea is different from most because it has mint and rose in it, so the aroma, as well as the calming properties, will help you wind down after a cold, busy day.


4. Fuzzy Blanket from Target

Photo from Target

With the varying temperatures of the thermostats at BU, sometimes the heat is too hot to sleep under my covers. When this happens, I love to put a fuzzy blanket over my bed and then sleep with another blanket on top so that the bed I’m lying on is nice and soft — but not too toasty!


5. Eye mask from Birchbox

Photo from Birchbox

Eye masks are a great way to relax before bed due to their cooling sensation and their ability to make your under eye area look a little less sleepy!


You can either do all of these steps together for a nighttime pamper routine or if you’re in a rush and having trouble falling asleep, any of these products and tips will help you get the good night sleep you deserve. Sweet dreams!


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Margo Ghertner is the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Boston University. When the Nashville-native isn't writing and helping the other HCBU teams execute their projects, you can find her listening to business podcasts, baking, reading, and spending time with her friends.
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