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The Mean Girls Guide to the Perfect Summer

It’s only a matter of time before those finals are over and we’re kicking it beachside, aviators and flip-flops in tow. But it’s going to take more than a hot pair of shades and cute sandals to make this summer a hit. Lucky for us, the meanest girls in school are willing to share a few must-haves every collegiate will need this summer vacation.  So settle down at your desk, don’t you dare click away, and let Regina George, Cady, and the gang show you how to have a Mean Girls style summer that’s way too fetch to handle!

Take it from Regina. The meanest girls of all are more than mean—they’ve got the money to back it up! Kick your summer off with Rich Bitch, written by finance expert Nicole Lapin. What better way to start your time off than with a guide to getting your finances in order!

No summer will be complete without the perfect beach bod. And those rock hard abs aren’t going to just pop up overnight. So let’s ask ourselves…WWRD, what would Regina do?! Well, this head mean girl in charge would jump on her mac and access Crunch Live online workouts. With an exclusive free 30-day trial access code, courtesy of Her Campus, there’s no reason for sweats to be the only thing that fit you this summer.

Once you’ve got a banging bod, you’ll want to show it off in all the right ways! There are few things in life that collegiettes love more than shopping. This summer, we’re turning to boohoo, who’s newest #WeAreUSA campaign will have us celebrating our personalities and personal styles. In true Mean Girls fashion, don’t forget to have your besties at your side when you’re getting your summer shopping done.

But no outfit will be complete without the right accessories. Our fav mean girls know a thing or two about adding the perfect bling. And this time, we’re talking body bling. Take your summer look to the next level with Blink Tattoos. They’ll have your skin glowing in all the right ways. And don’t worry about pulling a Karen…there’s no way you won’t apply your tats perfectly every time!

There’s definitely more to prepping for the perfect summer than working out, shopping, and accessorizing however. Why not gain a little real-world experience by building both your resume and your bank account. By becoming a Chloe + Isabel GEM Merchandiser you could jump-start your career this summer. Get ready for everyone to truly mean it when they ask you where you got your bracelet.

You’ll be sure to work up an appetite as you end finals and prep for the summer. Chipotle has got your back once again! With BOGO burrito cards on hand you’ll be able to treat yourself not once, but twice!  Maybe Regina wouldn’t exactly approve of all the carbs, but don’t be surprised when you start to make your friends jealous of your burritoful life. 

There’s one final thing the meanest mean girls would suggest you add to your summer prep list: The Her Campus Guide to College Life. If there’s one thing our mean girls know, it’s how to be on top of their game. Why not get a head start on next year by reading up on everything you need to know about snagging internships, dealing with roommates, handling boy troubles and more!

Don’t miss out on your chance to have the best summer imaginable. Keep these Mean Girls summer necessities in mind and you’ll be sure to have the time of your life. 

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Summer is a Boston University graduate ('15) that received a BS in Journalism with a concentration in magazine journalism. Her interests include editorial design and lifestyle, fashion, and beauty content, as she aspires to be a fashion magazine writer and editor. She is currently a fashion and beauty writer for Bustle.com and previously served as a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Boston University. Summer likes to think of herself as a lipstick enthusiast and smoothie connoisseur, so when she isn't writing for Bustle, you could probably find her sipping on a strawberry-banana smoothie and planning her next purchases at Sephora. Follow Summer on Twitter @SummerArlexis
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