Make Living In Your First Adult Apartment Easier With These 5 Handy Items

When you move into your first apartment, you’ll probably be pretty overwhelmed by all you have to be responsible for. You’ll probably be cooking for yourself consistently for the first time, cleaning on your own, and doing many other things for yourself. Here are 5 products that’ll make living in your first apartment just a little bit easier:


1. Instant Pot

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Similar to a crockpot, the Instant Pot, according to the product description on Amazon, “is a multi-use Electric Pressure Cooker designed with the objective of being Convenient, Dependable and Safe." The Instant Pot would make cooking your own meals quick and easy. It can do many things: from making rice, steaming vegetables, making a cake, or even making yogurt! It’s a perfect kitchen tool for busy college students to have.


2. Etekcity Wireless Remote-Control Electrical Outlet Switch

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This product allows you to control appliances and devices with a remote control. It’s super convenient for when you’re in bed and want to turn to lights on/off or control hard to reach appliances. It can reach as far as 100 feet and through doors and walls, so you can control appliances from across rooms or on second floors.


3. World’s Smallest Vacuum

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Aside from being super cute, this tiny vacuum is great for cleaning small messes on desks or tables. Who needs anything full-sized when there are fun-sized products like this one? 


4. Google Home Mini

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For hands-free help from anywhere in your apartment, the Google Home Mini is the perfect smart speaker. It comes equipped with the Google Assistant which you can use for anything from setting alarms, checking the weather, or even asking questions.


5. LED Toilet Night Light

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If you’re someone who frequently wakes up in the night needing the bathroom, this LED night light for your toilet would make those trips a lot more colorful and convenient.


I hope these products make living in your first apartment a lot easier and more convenient! Amazon and Urban Outfitters are amazing places to find new products to help decorate your new apartment as well as finding products that will be extremely useful! 


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