The Intersection of Politics, Football, and Empathy

I’ve been watching football since I was in utero. My mom was a Manning fan since he started out with the Indianapolis Colts in 1998, and I watched him until he retired.

Sundays were the only day that everyone in my family would be home at the same time -- we’d watch Tiger Woods play at whatever tournament it was that week, then we’d watch football for the rest of the day.

Now that I’m in college, there are a few traditions that I try to keep alive -- one of them being Sunday Night Football *insert Carrie Underwood and SNF theme song here.*​

Last night, I had one of the strangest experiences. My roommate, her boyfriend, and I were having our delicious Chinese takeout, watching the Patriots and Packers battle it out, when all of a sudden, I heard an ominous voice discussing the “destructive” immigrants that were “coming for America.”

My jaw dropped.

The lack of empathy being shown for refugees and the political extremism of the country just blows my mind. Immigrants and refugees are what make America the beautiful country it is.

Everyone is descended from immigrants, regardless of how long ago your family came (except Native Americans, Alaskan Natives and Native Hawaiians, we recognize you too). The caravans of refugees who are making their way to America should be welcome, the same way we welcomed the Irish, the same way we welcomed the Chinese.

I cannot understand where this hostility against non-white immigrants come from. America is supposedly known as the “Melting Pot” of foods, of cultures, and of people. But I keep seeing religious and ethnic persecution, through the ad that NBC failed to pull or through the microaggressions of white people all around the country.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I still hold out hope that we can turn it around. Hope for a brighter, more accepting, and empathetic future, where love will truly conquer hate.


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