The Importance of Daily Routines

I thrive off of having a set routine for myself. I thrive off being busy; a packed schedule forces me to be my most organized and ambitious self. For these reasons and many more, I am thrilled to be back at college in the midst of school work. Not everyone is as excited about it as I am, but having a routine might help you ease into this semester.

Whether this routine is blocking out time to do your homework or to read, a set schedule keeps you focused and stress-free. Having a routine gives you something sturdy in the ever-changing (and very fast-paced) life of a college student. I prefer to write my schedule down, noting when I have classes, work, breaks for lunch, time for the gym, time for just me, etc. Knowing when I have free time gives me peace of mind when I am drowning in work. It gives me something to work towards, to get me through that three-hour lab or long shift at work.

You most likely have a night routine: getting in your pajamas, brushing your teeth, taking out your contacts. So, why stop there? My favorite routine is my morning routine, with different variations depending on if it's an early or later morning. These routines can help you feel put together and prepared for the day. Creating a structured plan to follow ensures that you are always prepared for most things. The best part of a routine is the capability of it to form into a good habit. There should be no fear of forgetting part of your routine because it can so quickly become an involuntary habit.

Creating and developing a healthy routine into a habit is something that will assist in establishing a more motivated and efficient schedule. However, this does not mean you need to cut spontaneity out of your life. Having a routine in place is supposed to make life easier. Creating last minute plans and switching up your routine is completely normal and keeps things exciting. There is no rule book saying you have to create your routine a certain way or follow it to a T.

I hope I have inspired you to create a routine for yourself (or switch up your old one). Having a set schedule is not for everyone but it can certainly help train you into being more disciplined with both yourself and your time so why not give it a go? Now, get out there and start planning!


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