Here's the Truth – Senior Year is Not Easy

College is incredibly stressful regardless of what year you’re in. However, something about getting older makes family and friends feel entitled to ask really big questions. Apparently, the only thing anyone cares about is how my life is going and the best part about it? They can join the club.

Regardless of what media says and what your (Questrom) classmates around you are doing, it is absolutely normal and okay to not have a plan (yet) during your senior year! The year just started, which means there is so much time to find a company you’re passionate about or a new niche that changes your trajectory or have an experience that changes your life. Two years ago, I thought I was moving to Europe after graduation (update: definitely not happening). Now, I have no idea what I’m doing (besides moving) and I’m really happy with the endless possibilities that I have.

In my opinion (and I recognize the privilege behind this statement), you have your whole life to work – we’ll spend almost 50 years in the professional workforce. A literal half-century. We’ll change our minds and pathways multiple times over those fifty years and I hate stressing over what I’m doing in a year because I know that it will work out and ~nothing is permanent.~

And yes, I mean that – it WILL work out. You might not have the top job that you want right out of undergrad, but one of the privileges of attending BU is that there is a job waiting for you. Even without panicking about the future, I recognize that senior year is such a challenge – mentally and emotionally.

Senioritis really does come back and hit you HARD. Thinking about change – leaving what has been home for four years and the memories here – is draining and sad. Also, being a senior in lower-level courses really just drains you and makes you feel old – like what the hell is the Hub? Why did we get rid of Extreme Pita? But at the end of the day, senior year really signifies our personal growth – emotionally and intellectually.

So ladies and gentlemen, please give yourselves (and other seniors you know) a break. We’re all feeling the existential panic despite knowing that we’ll be okay. Senior year is about prepping for the changes that are to come: the travels we’ll take, the friends we’ll make, and the start of the rest of our lives.


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