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Five “Weird” Food Combinations That Actually Work

If there’s one thing about me that ALL of my friends know, it’s that the only thing weirder than me are my food combinations (and that is saying a lot!) I’ve always been open to experimenting with my food because I find that the best combinations are often the ones that are the least expected. Although I have a very, very long list of quirky combinations, here are my personal favorites!

Chocolate Hummus with Chips

I know you’re probably cringing right now, but don’t stop reading just yet! I promise you it’s not as weird as you think. I’ve been fascinated with the idea of chocolate hummus ever since I saw it at Star Market at the beginning of this semester. While I never really thought of buying it because it seemed a bit too risky (even for me), I recently met a friend who got me to try it with some plantain chips (potato chips taste just as good, to be honest.) Honestly? It was like eating dark chocolate mousse spread—that’s really what chocolate “hummus” is! It is only called hummus because they use chickpeas as the binding agent rather than eggs. If you love dark chocolate and a sweet and salty combination like I do, you won’t regret it!

Apple and Peanut Butter

While most of you are now thinking, “Oh, this is normal!”,  back in fifth grade, most of my friends would cringe at the thought of this. So, congratulations! Your food combinations are definitely getting there! My mum introduced me to this when I was nine, and obviously, like every other thing she said then, I shot it down instantly. Now, knowing how much I love peanut butter, I can’t believe I doubted it because mama always knows best!

Balsamic Infused Strawberries on a Waffle

Just as you began to think that this list may not be as weird as you think – ha! – I hit you with this combo. While I understand that balsamic vinegar is an extremely acquired taste (I didn’t like it until recently), strawberries soaked in balsamic topped on a waffle is a definite “yes.” If you love tart and sweet combinations, this is the food for you. The acidity of the balsamic really compliments the sweetness of the waffle, and strawberries to give it a well-balanced flavor – am I on Masterchef yet?

Cream Cheese and Fig Jam on Toast

If you’re still reading but also still cringing, don’t say I didn’t warn you! This one, I’ll admit, was crazy to me too, but when I tried to justify this food choice to my friends (as usual), I realized that the reason this combination worked for me is my absolute love for cheesecake. Think about it—cream cheese with fig jam on toast is basically a low-budget cheesecake that really works! While I prefer fig jam, I’m pretty sure other flavors like strawberry would work just as well.

Truffle Oil on Pistachio or Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

As they say, save the best for last. While I know that this is also the most experimental combination, and it’s the most acquired taste on the list, I also know that if you love pistachios, dark chocolate, and truffles individually as much as I do, you’re in for a surprising treat! I first tried this at an ice cream parlor back home, and while I was apprehensive to get it initially, the subtle flavor that the truffle oil adds to rich chocolate and pistachio helps to enhance those flavors rather than over power it – it is a real winner in my books!

Well, if you made it to the end of this article, you a real one! I hope reading this article didn’t make you cringe too hard and actually inspired you to get quirky with your food combinations!


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My name is Anoushka. I am a Senior at Boston University, studying Journalism and Advertising. I am from Mumbai, India, the land of spices, culture, and colour. I love singing and basically anything that screams music. When I'm not writing or belting the notes to my favourite Adele song, I enjoy trying new foods (cooking and eating, of course), travelling around the globe, and looking for new ingredients to add to my superfood stash.
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