Five Really Fun TikToks To Get You Through the Day

With a lot of people staying home (and safe) in an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve, everyone is getting a little bored. There are many ways to fill that time, such as picking up new or old hobbies, but Tik Tok is an easy way to waste those hours away. I see myself as a seasoned expert of spending too much time watching these short videos (some of them being an ongoing series of videos), so here are some of my favorites. 

  1. 1. Cool profs


    My philosophy and theology professor does an adequate amount ##onlineclass ##zoom ##fyp

    ♬ original sound - flatstanleigh

    Literally just anyone showing off their cute professors trying to make Zoom University entertaining for their students immediately gets to be in the list of my favorite Tik Toks. The change from classroom learning to online learning is a hard one for everyone, and the energy of these professors who are going the extra mile is magnificent. This doesn’t just go for profs like the one with the neon green hat, either. A lot of Tik Toks feature professors showing off their pets and kids, which fits them into the “cool-prof” category. 

  2. 2. Imitation Bob Ross

    The Joy of Painting S4 E3: The Ocean Blue ##bobross ##painting ##ocean ##paint ##gummygame ##suchascientist

    ♬ original sound -

    This Tik Tok is part of a four part series, and it’s absolutely certified to make me feel relaxed whenever I watch it. “Imitation Bob Ross” started out the series not being able to paint anything special, but the paintings get better and better each episode. These episodes are super entertaining, and it’s enjoyable to see the improvement he’s made over the course of a few months. I definitely recommend checking out some happy little trees and happy little seagulls.

  3. 3. Animal Crossing Tik Toks


    ##happyathome ##styletips ##newhorizons ##fyp ##animalcrossing

    ♬ original sound - theblacktrunks

    Animal Crossing Tik Toks are a super wide selection of all the videos out there right now, but I support pretty much all of them. There are a lot of videos of people being chased by (capitalist raccoon) Tom Nook and/or bees and tarantulas (aka his minions), which adds a little silliness to the otherwise wholesome game. Of course those wholesome videos are also coming out with people showing off their new villagers and their houses, as well as going on animal crossing dates with their friends and/or significant others. I hope all of you Animal Crossing players get your debt paid off in time for Mr. Nook (don’t let him bully you).

  4. 4. Cooking with Shereen


    Best Banana Bread 🍌 ##foryоurpage ##foryoupage ##fyp ##4u ##lifeathome ##tiktokfoodie ##baking ##bananabread ##recipe ##food ##quarantine

    ♬ Novice Juggler - Joey Pecoraro

    I love this lady so much. A lot of people have wanted to start cooking now that they're bored at home, but make sure you listen to Shereen. If you’re looking for a simple banana bread recipe, here’s a step-by-step video to make one. It literally could not get easier than this, and it takes barely any time out of your day. Wake up sleepyhead, we’re making banana bread! I hate banana bread myself, but she also has a bunch of savory recipes and other dessert recipes published on her cooking Tik Tok.

  5. 5. This artsy gem


    no talk me im baby. Prints for sale! Also taking Commisions! ##fyp##foryoupage##coronavirus##coronatime##art##paint##bored#

    ♬ original sound - duckis1

    Literally only this one art Tik Tok. Other art/painting Tik Toks are cool too and I like seeing everyone's unique styles of painting, but I like the vibe of this one a lot. The tiny animals really make me happy. The cat even looks like it’s 3D and just sitting all relaxed on the canvas. The baby yoda is fantastic too. Even as someone who has never seen a single installment in the Star Wars franchise, I would 100% buy these canvases. 

Maybe I’ll end up making this into a series, who knows? I’ve got a lot of these videos spiraling around in my brain, and I hope you all liked the first batch of them. Maybe I’ll even do my least favorite Tik Toks next, because there are plenty of those too. I’m also always open to receiving Tik Toks at whatever time of day you’re watching! To conclude, these Tik Toks have impeccable taste. 

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