The Different Stages Of Finals Week, As Told By Ross and Rachel

Finals week is finally here and so while we’re so close to being done with another academic semester, we yet still have a week or two of constant anxiety, doubts, and sleep deprivation. What’s a better way to start off final season (and hopefully ease some stress) with the different stages of Finals Week? Watch finals week as expressed by Ross and Rachel from Friends.

1. The Pre-Finals Stage

This is typically during and sometimes after Thanksgiving break. You know that this is the perfect time to start studying for finals, but you still have three more weeks and you continue to pretend that you got this.

2. The Procrastination Stage

This is when finals week comes sooner than you expected and you try to procrastinate as much as you can. You want to give up just by seeing all the work you have left and as a way to avoid all the stress and anxiety, you open Netflix (to binge watch Friends, of course, what else?) and see how long you could go without having it hit you.

3. The Motivation Stage

This might be looking at Tumblr for inspiration quotes after trying your best to run away. The realization that finals are approaching start to finally sink in and there’s no going back now (yes, this means it’s time to pivot and get to work!)

4. The Schedule Stage

Okay, so this is the part when you actually start to get serious and make study plans while cramming a whole semester’s worth of work in a weekend. You may find yourself questioning the importance of this degree, but sometimes you just gotta run the home stretch and keep hustling!

And while you might promise yourself to stop procrastinating and study well in advance next semester, we all know that’s not going to happen.

5. The Victory Stage

Nothing really beats that victorious feeling after you’ve conquered that last exam, which also means you’re finally done with the semester without completely losing it! It’s time to put those books away and get pumped to treat yoself!

Sure, It’s a little rough and intimidating at first, but once you get started on that hustle mode, you know you’ll be able to pull through! Good luck and happy studying (and watch some Friends while you are at it!)

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