Breaking Out of My Shell — How BU Has Changed Me

Two years ago, I found out I was accepted into Boston University. That acceptance letter was the one I had most anticipated, it was the one I was waiting for. Basically, by the time I received it, I knew in my heart I wanted to go to BU. I needed to go.

I grew up in a fairly small New England town where it felt like everybody knew everybody. Although I did appreciate that lifestyle growing up — I maintained some friendships that started in second grade — I wanted something different in college. I wanted to go somewhere where I wouldn’t know everyone.

Even though it felt right, choosing BU was still difficult. I knew going to a large school would be a challenge but that the experience would ultimately transform me into a better version of myself. The fact that I knew I would have smaller communities within BU, through being in the Honors College, doing marching band, and joining a sorority definitely helped as well.

Credit: Robin Kallfelz

I had watched my shy older sister choose a college nearly 400 miles away from home. With that decision, she forced herself to break out of her comfort zone for the better. She graduated from college much more confident and sure of herself. I wanted that for myself.

While I wouldn’t describe myself as extremely shy, the prospect of trying to make friends at such a large university was daunting. I did as my parents told me to do over countless tearful Friday night phone calls; I kept at it. I committed myself to the student organizations I joined and gradually, friendships naturally formed. The adjustment to college and the friend-making process were good for me. I realized who I truly am as a person and promise to always stay true to myself.

My shyness did not stop me, however, from taking an officer position in my sorority, becoming an editor of my favorite publication on campus (love you, Her Campus), and succeeding academically.

Credit: Abby Fenn

As I adjusted to college during my freshman year, I realized some goals of mine. I started focusing my life around these goals, making lists and developing plans to get there. I wouldn’t let anything stop me from achieving them — not even myself.

Gradually, I have been breaking out of my shell. I care less about what people think of me and more about how I view myself. I’ve made many genuine friends who accept and embrace every part of me and who I know will be in my life way past graduation.


I feel myself still growing as a person. I become more and more confident with each day. I owe this transformation to Boston University. Thanks, BU.


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