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It can be hard starting at a new school with a major that people immediately judge. While it can be hard to find a job in journalism, the times are changing and suddenly talented and experienced writers are well sought after. For BU freshman Audrey Martin, journalism has always been something she wanted to study and we’re lucky that she’s chosen to do it at BU and to be a part of the Her Campus Team!

Was BU your first choice? How are you liking school so far?

It was! I remember googling the best schools for journalism the summer before my senior year of high school and seeing that BU had one of the top programs. When I found out you could apply Early Decision and know where you were going to college by Christmas, I was thrilled. It was so nice to have everything figured out so early!

I am so happy I decided to come here. I grew up about an hour south of Boston, in Mansfield. I’m familiar with the city, but living here is a totally different experience. I love how fast-paced everything is and also how close you are at any given time to so much exciting stuff that’s going on. And the people are amazing! I’ve met so many interesting and incredible people here and I can’t wait to meet more.

Credit: Audrey Martin

Is there anything that surprised you about college or that you weren’t prepared for?

I think all the independence college requires has been a bit of a shock. In high school, you do pretty much everything with the same group of friends (or at least I did). You go to school together, you have class together, you hang out outside of school together, etc. But in college, everyone is on such varying schedules that you’re forced to do things on your own. But it’s been great so far! I’m a bit of an introvert, so having time throughout the day to have a meal alone or even walk to a class by myself is totally re-charging.

Vice versa, is there anything you were glad you prepared for?

I am glad I brought a bunch of sweaters even though I moved in in August. They were useless for weeks, but now that it’s getting cold out I’m very excited to not freeze to death on Commonwealth Ave. Yay Boston!

Why are you studying Journalism?

I love it! I started working as a reporter for my local, daily regional paper the summer before my senior year of high school and immediately fell in love with the work. I love talking to new, interesting people every day and getting to write about their lives. (I’m still trying to live out my fantasy of becoming like Bob Woodward in All The President’s Men.)

Are you considering studying anything else? Like adding a minor or maybe even double majoring?

I’ve always been interested in politics, so I came to BU with the idea in my head that I would try for a dual degree in journalism and political science (cause’ that’s so easy, right?), but now I’m thinking a minor in political science will do just fine.

What do you hope to do in the future with your degree? What’s your dream job!?

I would really love to work at a newspaper. I know, I know, print is dead and all, but I still have my hopes! Regardless, working for a news organization like The Washington Post or The New York Times is also up there on my list of hopes and dreams.

How did you decide on Journalism? Did you write in high school?

My high school didn’t have a paper, so as I said, I wrote for a local paper my senior year. It definitely kept me busy, but I loved the work so much I didn’t really care. I think once you start working as a reporter you’ll know pretty quickly whether it’s for you or not, and it was definitely for me.

Credit: Audrey Martin

How do you feel about studying journalism during a time where good journalists are so essential?

Good journalists have always been, and always will be, essential. All of the talk surrounding the media right now has definitely motivated me to be the best reporter I can be. I think it’s a really exciting time to be a journalist and I can’t wait to graduate and enter the field.

What clubs are you in?

Right now, I write for The Daily Free Press, Her Campus (obviously!), and Spoon University (a fun college online food blog). I also do stories for the Community Service Center here at BU and I’m a member of the general board of BU’s HeforShe chapter. I’m also a member of the Outing Club!

How is writing for both the Daily Free Press and Her Campus and keeping up with classes?

It hasn’t been too bad so far! I think people get stressed and unhappy when they’re busy doing things they don’t like and aren’t excited about. I genuinely love the work that I do for both my classes (I mostly take writing-based English and philosophy classes right now) and the publications I write for, so even on the days that I feel crazy busy it doesn’t bother me too much because I know I’m doing things that I love to do.

How is your time management juggling so many extracurriculars that take so much time!? Do you have any advice for those who might also have heavy workloads?

Again, it sounds simple, but fill your day with things you love! I know that’s not always practical, as sometimes you just have to suffer through a math class or two, but make sure that every day you’re doing things that you can look forward to. I love sitting down to write my Her Campus articles. I think going into the newsroom for the Daily Free Press is exciting.  Even if it’s something as simple as looking forward to going on a run at the end of the day to clear my head, it’s important to me to do things that make me happy.

What are you looking forward to this school year?

I’m so excited to continue with all of the clubs and organizations I’m a part of and continue to make friends and do exciting and interesting things. I’ve only been in school for a month and I feel like I have already made so many great memories. Also, Halloween. I am very excited about Halloween.

Has college lived up to or fallen short of any expectations you had of it?

Definitely lived up. I came into college very cautious, and expecting my first semester to be tough. So far, that has not been the case. I’ve gotten really lucky and made some great friends so far, and the organizations I have joined have been nothing but amazing.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time at college?

Well, if we’re talking about productive fun, I love going on runs in the morning or at night. If you time it right, you can see the sunrise over the Charles River and it’s a great way to start or end your day. I also love reading and writing for fun when I have a moment to do so. For non-productive fun, I love TV. I could watch re-runs of Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch until the day I die.

Have you done anything really fun or exciting since coming to BU?

I just went to College Fashion Week which was incredible! I’ve gotten to go to concerts, great restaurants, fun stores – and it’s only been a month!

Do you have any suggestions for future freshmen or any advice for students looking to get more involved in extracurriculars? 

Just show up! That’s what I did for the first few weeks of class. If there was a club I was even remotely interested in, I just showed up to the meetings to check out the vibe of the group. If it was something I liked, I stayed. If not, I didn’t. Splash was a great way to get a feel for all of the clubs on campus, and after that, it’s just about deciding what you really like and what you think you can make time for.

We are so lucky to have someone as ambitious and talented as Audrey on our Her Campus team. With the motivation to not only write for Her Campus, but also for so many other clubs on campus, it’s clear that Audrey knows what she wants and is willing to put in the work to get there! Check out her articles at Her Campus BU.


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Gabriella is studying English at Boston University and is a member of the class of 2020. Her past times include reading, watching tv, working out, and spending time with friends! Gabriella loves going to school in Boston and spending her weekends exploring the city and taking advantage of all the free events it offers, but she also really misses her Jeep. Favorite book: The Great Gastby. Favorite T.V. Show: Gossip Girl.
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