7 Ways to Stay Positive and Productive While Social Distancing

We are no more than three months into 2020 and it’s already been a wild ride, y’all. Although it’s super important that we all stay safe and healthy right now, many college students are still adjusting to leaving campus, saying goodbye to friends, and cancelling all of their plans for the month (or semester) as they go home to practice social distancing.  COVID-19 should absolutely be taken seriously and we all need to do our part to prevent it from spreading, but it’s valid to feel incredibly frustrated as we rethink what the next few months of our lives will look like. There are so many uncertainties and anxieties surrounding this time, and all we can do is allow ourselves to feel as we take these changes in stride. 

I think many of us could use a distraction right now, but social distancing doesn’t give us many options. Leaving the house or having people over is pretty much off the table, giving us plenty of opportunities to fall down an internet rabbit hole of mass hysteria surrounding COVID-19. This is not only dangerous to perpetuate, but it’s also super unhealthy to engage in while you’re stuck at home. We all need to practice as much positivity as possible right now, so here are 7 ways to stay positive and productive while you are social distancing.    

  1. 1. Throw yourself into schoolwork

    I know online classes might seem like a breeze to some compared to their regular schedules, but take this time to really dedicate yourself to school. Keeping up with your readings and essays should be a little easier with fewer distractions, so use the time you had been dedicating to social activities to get caught up on work. 

  2. 2. Pick up an old hobby 

    More free time means more time to be creative! Start drawing again, make music, write. Sometimes hobbies and creative projects get swept under the rug amidst the craziness of college–use this new-found free time to do something you love.

  3. 3. Catch up on Netflix shows

    The great thing about online classes is that you never really have to leave your bed. Once a class is over, spend some time relaxing and getting caught up on your favorite shows.  

  4. 4. Cook or bake

    For those students who don’t have a kitchen on campus, going home gives you the opportunity to make all those yummy recipes you were dreaming about on campus!  Appreciate the break from dining hall food and take full advantage of having a stove again.  

  5. 5. Read a book 

    I never have time to read for pleasure during the semester, but the extra free time provided by COVID-19 should make this a little bit easier. A cozy evening with a book and a cup of tea can almost (almost) make you forget how crazy everything is right now.  

  6. 6. FaceTime your friends!

    If you can’t see each other in person, then at least you can complain about it on FaceTime together! Social distancing feels a little more tolerable when the people you love are only a phone call away, so make sure to check in with each other during this stressful time.   

  7. 7. Watch Tik Toks

    When all else fails, scrolling mindlessly on Tik Tok is always an option. It passes the time, lightens your mood, and it’s very likely that your “For You” page will be full of fellow sad college students missing campus and trying to entertain themselves at home.  

Hopefully, these tips make your time away from campus a little bit easier! Social distancing is difficult and frustrating, but it’s really important that we all put each other’s health first right now. The quicker we contain this virus, the sooner we can all get back to our lives. Stay safe HCBU girls! XO.

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