7 Ways to Spice Up Your Toast & Reinvigorate Your Breakfast

Breakfast is often regarded as the most important meal of the day, as it jumpstarts and provides vital energy for the rest of our busy days. Here are a few ways to spice up your toast and make a delicious, boujee breakfast that starts your day off right.


1. Smashed Avocado and Ricotta Cheese with Everything but the Bagel Seasoning (Trader Joe's)

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Who doesn’t love avocado? This toast is delicious and makes for the perfect Instagram story. Add some Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Seasoning and you will not regret it. I don’t want to say that this seasoning is the best ever, BUT it is. Adding this seasoning to anything makes it taste 10x better. It adds so much flavor and is especially good with eggs and/or avocado.


2. Peanut Butter, Cut up Bananas, Cinnamon and Drizzled Honey

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This toast is easy to make and fast. All of the ingredients perfectly complement each other, leaving you satisfied and no longer hungry as you leave the door to start the day. Spread some peanut butter or almond butter (if you're trying to be more hipster) and then add cut up bananas. Drizzle on some honey and top it off with a sprinkle of cinnamon (YUM).


3. Smashed Avocado, Easy Over Egg and Red Hot Chilli Flakes

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What’s better than adding a little spice to your morning? This type of toast adds flavor to your breakfast. Add as many hot chili flakes as you want. If you are anything like me, one or two is enough. To add protein, fry an egg. It’s the perfect savory breakfast.


4. Hummus Spread

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If you want to add some Mediterranean flair to your morning breakfast, hummus is the perfect way to add protein. This simple yet yummy spread makes a typical piece of toast more flavorful. If you are running out the door and don’t have time to decorate and perfect your toast, this one is easy and quick!


5. Almond Butter with Bananas and Blueberries

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All you need is some fresh fruit and almond butter to make this breakfast! The sweet taste of bananas and blueberries perfectly combine with smooth yet filling almond butter to make a delightful and pleasant breakfast that would otherwise be boring.


6. Ricotta Cheese and Jam

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If you’re a fan of jam, this type of toast is for you. The ricotta mixes perfectly with the jam to make a savory breakfast that leaves you wanting more. Choose your favorite type of jam such as blueberry, strawberry, or raspberry (my favorite)!


7. Egg and Spinach

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All you need to make this breakfast complete are eggs, spinach, and some pepper to add spice! Before placing the egg on top, lightly sauté the spinach for a minute or two so that it is cooked but not soggy. Once that is done, gently place the over-easy egg on top and let it soak through the bread (delicious).

Say goodbye to cereal and hello to toast. Toast isn’t just for crunchy granola vegetarians, it’s the perfect morning breakfast that is filling, fast, and tasty. Plus, it makes for great Instagram stories featuring your trendy new breakfast!


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