The 7 Best Things About Caffè Nero

I love Caffè Nero. Ever since the coffee shop arrived on campus, I knew I would be spending a great deal of time in its cozy atmosphere. It’s always packed, and it’s usually hard to find a table. However, that never stops me from popping in to get a cup of either coffee or tea. I’m attributing my newfound coffee addiction to them. Here are seven reasons why I love with Caffè Nero.


1. Their cold brew

Do not get me started on their cold brew. It’s fantastic and actually addicting. Almost every morning I stop in to get a small cold brew with room for milk. It’s just black coffee from a tap on ice, but it’s amazing.


2. The atmosphere

The ambiance in Caffè Nero feels like home. There are couches and chairs set up in the corners, and a long communal table in the middle of the space. Floor to ceiling windows line two of the walls, and light is constantly pouring in and brightening everybody’s day. It's cozy and warm, just like how the coffee makes you feel. 


3. The friendly staff

Unlike the barista above, the workers here are so friendly! Whether you’re just buying a bottle of water or ordering the most complex thing on the menu, they are happy to help you. Also, all the baristas know how to make a mean cup of tea.


4. Gluten-free options


Caffè Nero offers lots of gluten-free options. They have yummy salads, a wide array of yogurts and fruits, and gluten-free cookies and brownies. There aren't a lot of coffee shops in the Boston University area that provide gluten-free options so it's definitely a place to check out.


5. The variety of sandwiches

Personally, I’ve never tried one of their sandwiches because I don’t eat gluten. However, all my friends rave about the crusty, warm bread. They have all different options including classics like brie and ham, and then more experimental types like caprese.


6. Their punch cards

After every ten beverages purchased, you get a free drink by using their blue punch card. This is my favorite part about Caffè Nero because, as a college student, I’ll take almost anything for free, especially caffeine!


7. The variety of tea flavors

They offer green, earl grey, peppermint, and many others. Peppermint is my favorite tea ever, and almost no other coffee shop offers this flavor. All these flavors can come hot or cold, and every order is freshly steeped.


Everybody should stop in to Caffè Nero, but please be warned: you might find yourself falling in love!


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