The 7 Best Songs from Reputation

For three years, Swifties around the globe have waited for new music. With reputation, we finally have that. With an electronic flair, reputation showcases Taylor Swift’s talent for maneuvering between genres.  Here are the seven best songs from the new album, in no particular order.


I Did Something Bad

She’s right – the old Taylor is dead. She records her first expletive on an album, admits she lied about the Kanye debacle and has an epic beat drop. This song is the unapologetic and badass anthem we didn’t know we needed. 


Call It What You Want

A classic love song and most likely dedicated to current boyfriend Joe Alwyn, CIWYW is the only pre-released single to make my list ("Gorgeous" was right at the cutoff for me). 



Starting with an almost auto-tuned voice, Taylor expresses how appreciative she is for a lover that doesn’t care about what her reputation is. 


Dancing with Our Hands Tied

Like most songs on this album, it has an excellent background beat. Lyrically, I would say the song is average, but the music pushes it above that. 



She’s an adult, ladies and gentleman! If you weren’t sure of that before, you are now. She only bought that dress so he could take it off!


Getaway Car

This upbeat song with a great beat is actually quite sad. Taylor describes her current relationship (in this song) as the getaway car for her last relationship, citing that it was inevitable the relationship would end. 


King of My Heart

"King of My Heart" is the song that reminds me most of 1989. I can only imagine how great this song is for driving with the windows down and the stereo on full blast. 


Overall, I feel as though reputation cannot be compared to the albums before it. Taylor Swift has evolved as an artist and is not the same 15-year-old country singer we once knew. 


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